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2021 WW: Week 3

Its hard to believe I am already in week 3. I’ve overall had a good week. Unfortunately, I did “cheat” some. I’m not sure I like the word cheat. Maybe deviated a bit. Is that better? Hmmm…..I’m not sure. At any rate, I ate a few some a lot, well, more than I should’ve have Starbursts this week. A patient was very kind and brought in a large jar of them for the staff. And well, it only took one for me then to eat a whole lot. I probably at 15 a day every day this week. To be completely honest, I went into weighing this week a bit concerned. But, that’s for later.

I did have wins this week. I planned better for Friday and ordered a Jimmy John’s lettuce wrap. This was good. I missed the bread. I love bread. But it was good. I also made my hardboiled eggs on Sunday for the week. This way, I just had to grab them in the morning. My breakfast are mostly consisting of a banana and a hard boiled eggs. I’m using Famous Dave’s powdered barb-b-que flavoring. This adds a nice change to the the plain boiled egg. I packed a salad every day for lunch. This isn’t hard because I do really enjoy salads.

I also exercised every other day last week skipping yesterday. I really do love the exercise programs on the WW app. I didn’t hit all my fit points and I’m not sure how to get the coveted blue dot. I did increase my weight. I’m struggling finding heavy enough weights. Thanks to Covid, I can’t walk into Walmart and grab weights anymore. I checked Amazon, but boy those are pricey! I have adjustable weights, so I can increase it. However, when you’re working through a program, there’s not much time to actually make the switch.

Ok, time for the actual breakdown of the numbers. As I mentioned before, I was a bit nervous to step on the scale. Last week I gained slightly and this week, I indulged in Starbursts. I didn’t exercise yesterday so that I wouldn’t retain water before weighing. I know, this may seem silly. But I really wanted a weight loss. I was so very excited to see a weight-loss! And, a pretty good loss too! It makes up for the slight gain last week. I am now down 20 pounds.

I still have a long ways to go, but boy does it feel good to be making progress.

How’s your weight-loss going this year? What are your successes? Areas for growth/improvement? I would love to hear from you. So, comment below.

My successes and goal
2020 weight loss: 13 pounds
2021 weight loss: 7.8 pounds
Weekly weight loss: -3.2 pounds
Total weight loss: 20.8 pounds
Pounds to goal: 35.2 pounds

2021 WW: Week 2

Its hard to believe I’m starting week 3. Overall, I have felt good. I’ve not felt deprived or hungry which is great! I don’t feel like I’m “on a diet”. I do eat things my family wants to eat. I just adjust portion size and I make sure and bulk up my meals with some fruits and vegetables. I’m also increasing my water intake and decreasing my soda intake.

Two ingredient bagel

This week, I tried out a couple different recipes. One of those new recipes was two ingredient bagels. A friend shared on Facebook she made it and that it was WW friendly. Sure enough, on the Blue Plan its on 3 points. That’s half of points of my regular bagels! Plus, two ingredients, who can mess that up? It was super easy to make and turned out great. Even my 10 year-old wants to eat them. The recipe only makes 4 which is the down fall. But, since they area easy to make, I can make them frequently.

White Chile Soup

This was a great crockpot soup. I made it on Saturday. However, if you do some prep the night before, you could easily throw this in the crockpot before work and have dinner waiting on you. It was 4 points with 4 points for the bread. The bread was a bit pricey I feel. Pictured above if 1/2 a serving, which one could make due with. However, I had the points that day and decided to give it a go. I’m sure you could decrease the points but changing out the heavy whipping cream and sour cream. However, my goal with WW is, I have to be able to maintain it with a family. So, I’m trying very hard to alter the recipes as little as possible. Instead, my focus is on serving size. Regardless, I didn’t feel 4 points was too much.

Now down to the actual numbers. I gained .4 of a pound this week. I honestly believe its due to having higher salt content yesterday, I ate pizza and the soup (soup has chicken broth and canned beans). I did not drink much water yesterday. I was on call the night before and was super tired from interrupted sleep. However, I have to take the gain. So there you have it. I had a slight gain. I’m not upset about it. I know I exercised every other day last week and stayed (mostly) in my daily points. It happens sometimes. I’m staying focused on my goal and will start it up again today. Today is a not only a new day but a new week. I am positive this next week will be a great week!

Did you try out a new recipe last week? What were your successes? I’d love to hear how your weight-loss journey is going.

My successes and goal
2020 weight loss: 13 pounds
2021 weight loss: 4.6 pounds
Weekly weight loss: +.4
Total weight loss: 17.6 pounds
Pounds to goal: 38.4 pounds

Snow Day, Time with the Kids

Today it snowed. It snowed a lot. Its not uncommon. I mean, after all, its winter in the midwest. The roads this morning were a mess. Well at least that’s what I was told. I had taken the day off to go to an appointment and run some errands. But, the kids had a snow day. School was cancelled.

One rumor floating around was that snow days were going to be a thing of the past. Covid last spring and this fall forced many kids to learn virtually from home. This taught the teachers, kids, and parents that we can do this. So, when the snow comes, schools can move online. And they did. Well, luckily not my school. But many schools opted to move classes virtually and cancel snow days.

This is horrible. I hate it. And here’s why.

Quite simply. They are kids, not adults. Soon enough, they will be grown-up working jobs which will more than likely, not give snow days. They will spend the 1/3 of their adult lives working. These same adults, will look back at their childhood and remember the snow day. The joy of a little extra sleep and a day hanging out at home. A doing whatever they wanted. But most importantly, they will remember getting that little, unexpected break.

Our snow day today, including time playing. The kids got some non-structured time. Time where they could decide what they wanted to do. They spent time on electronics and chatting with friends. Then, the three of us played a board game and laughed so much today. It was so very nice. I even took a few minutes to sort through a box of stuff that needed put away. And, I made rice crispy treats. I didn’t get my errands ran, but I got so much more from today.

Taking the snow day away, is forcing the kids into the adult mold, the adult world. Its taking away the magic of snow. The wishful thinking every time it snows that something magical is going to happen. Kids need this sense of magic. They need an expected break. And, most importantly, they are not little adults. We need to start recognizing and accepting that the kids, everyone really, needs an occasional break from reality.

Let our kids be kids. Let them have an unexpected break. Give them the snow day. Its important. Don’t take it away.

2021 WW: Week 1

Well, folks. Week one is in the books. It was nice to have week one also a slower week at work. It helped me to really focus on what I was working towards and to give me time in the evening to exercise. I really had a pretty good week. I overate in points and used weekly points twice last week. The rest of the time I was under my points. I felt satisfied with my food. These are all great. Especially since I’m on a diet.

For those that may not have read my previous posts, I am following the blue plan. So, I have free fruits and vegetables and some free meats. This has helped me stay in my point requirements. I do love fruits and vegetables. So this helps too. I am was allowed 28 daily points with 40 weekly points. Monday, Thursday, and Saturday I had points left over. I did tap into the 40 points and had 28 of my 40 remaining. I did earn points from exercising. Honestly, I’m still trying figure out where those are being added or IF they are being added. I suspect they are being added into the weekly points. But I need to watch that this week.

Exercise is the hard part for me. Being a primary provider, I often bring work home. This week was a bit slower and I brought minimal work home. This has been great to allow me to exercise. I managed to exercise every other day. I earned between 5-8 exercise points each time I exercised. It felt good to exercise and it felt good to have some muscle soreness. It was also great that my knee held up. I walked briskly on the treadmill for 12 minutes. This earned me 2 points. I also did the FITON exercises which earned me variable points depending on the difficulty.

Ok, so now my weight-loss. Now, remember my results will not be everyone’s results. I also don’t expect my results this week to be the same week after week. But I did have a very successful week and lost 5 pounds. I couldn’t believe it at first. I am very excited. Since I did keep my weight watchers account all last year. I am about 2 pounds away from 20 pounds lost. My goal this week is to lose those 2 pounds to be down 20 pounds. Since I was successful, I did lose 1 daily point. So this week, I’ll have 27 points daily.

How’s your weight loss going? Are you doing WW too? I’d love to hear from you. Let me know how your week’s been going. Let’s do this together and support each other.

My successes and goal
2020 weight loss: 13 pounds
221 weight loss: 5 pounds
Weekly weight loss: 5 pounds
Total weight loss: 18 pounds
Pounds to goal: 37 pounds

Make it hurt so good

Make it hurt so good, sometimes (self) love don’t feel like it should

Sunday night I did one of the FITON exercises from WW. I admit, its been over 6 months since I’ve really exercised. I did physical therapy for my knee this fall. But let’s be honest, that’s not the same as a good work-out. Yesterday, going up and down stairs hurt. So. Much. Going from sitting to standing, hurt. And, yes, that horrible moment you realize sitting on the toilet is going to hurt. Yup. I worked my legs. Yes. They hurt.

But, its a good ache. Right?

Because (self) love sometimes hurts. Its good for me. Its good for my muscles. I can’t quit. But boy, with the achiness still lingering today, I sure do want to throw in the towel. I want say, well you had a good run (hahah) at it. But that’s ok. This doesn’t feel good. I don’t want to ache.

But you know what? I’m going to eat dinner tonight. Then I’m going to change into work-out clothes. And talk my butt into going downstairs and get back at it.

Because, you know what?

Sometimes (self) love don’t feel like it should.

I would love to have you join me. Get out there. Grab some tennis shoes. Maybe some weights. Get sweaty. Gain an ache tomorrow and know, your self-love is doing amazing things for you.

Let’s see what we can do. Come on and make it hurt so good

Song lyrics: Hurt so good by John Mellencamp (I don’t own them in anyway or shape)

The Night Before

Tomorrow is the big day. Day 1 of WW. Technically, day 4 of the year. However, I decided to start on a Monday since its my weight-in day. It also allowed me to take my last long weekend with the family without overly worrying about what I’m eating. Now, I still watched what I ate, but I did splurge some this weekend knowing tomorrow I will be much more strict.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail- Benjamin Franklin

Today, I took a a few steps to prepare for the week. I hard boiled eggs. This I will add to my salads to give me some protein or to eat in the morning for breakfast. I also put together my salad for tomorrow. I went to the grocery store and purchased a few items for next week.

I bought the following items for the week:

  1. Large bag of salad
  2. Mini peppers
  3. Bananas
  4. Strawberries
  5. Almond Milk
  6. Yogurt- Greek, unflavored
  7. Eggs
  8. Chicken breast

I know there is more I could’ve done today. I know I will learn this week what I should do next weekend.

Tomorrow, I will….

  1. Give myself some grace- Day 1 is always hard!
  2. Drink water- Goal of 64 oz
  3. Track all my food

I’m going to keep it simple tomorrow with those goals. These very well may be my goals all week.

If you start a new eating plan/diet/lifestyle change, tell me about it. I would love to hear your goals for this week.

WW: Restart 2021

So, 2021 is finally here. As I wrote in my previous post, I set some resolutions. I’m going to try much harder this year to keep them. And to, of course, come back her write more. One of the biggest goals I have this year is to use a few Several, err, well, more than I would like pounds. The beginning of last year I lost about 15 pounds and did keep most of that weight off. But, stopped losing weight last spring. So, good news, I kept most of it off. But, I have been paying for WW since the start of 2020.

My ultimate goal is to lose 35 pounds. I’ve said that out loud. Well, sort of out loud. I’ll say it again. I want to lose an additional 35 pounds. Ugh. That feels incredibly daunting. If I can manage this. It will put me at my pre-graduate school weight. I really want that. I also really want to start jogging again. Which is why one of my 2021 goals is to complete a 5K this year. I may end of walking it (my knee hurts if I over do it. Likely, weight is not helping this). But I want to get to the point that my body doesn’t yell at me when I try to exercise.

So, back to WW. I am on the Blue plan. This means, I have a lot of free foods. These foods are mostly fruits and vegetables. But it also includes lean meat options such as chicken breast, eggs, fish, yogurt (some), and beans. I honestly choose this plan because I’m so busy, I didn’t want to track every little thing that goes into my mouth. This plan allows me to know there are foods I can eat that won’t require me to write it down. This is important to me because of my busy work life.

Another bonus to WW is integrated exercises in the APP. WW offers exercise classes through FITON. There is a decent variety in classes which varies in difficulty. The best part is if you do the exercise through the app, the points will get automatically get added to your day! No more having to go into the app and manually add in your exercise. Now, of course, this does require you to do their exercises and use the app. But honestly, being a busy person. This is a nice benefit. I like not having to do the extra step of adding in my exercise.

Curious minds want to know…. Are you following WW? If so, what plan are you on? Why did you choose that plan?

Here’s a couple of links if you’re interested:

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New Years Resolution 2021

Its been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts. Well, to be honest, its been a while since I’ve posted regularly. I can’t make promises that I don’t know I can keep. So, I’m not promising I’ll post every week. Unfortunately work and family life are so variable. Especially, now with Covid 19. However, I do want to make resolutions and share those with you. I want to come back and update my progress.

Resolutions are set up to make oneself better. Whether its physical, spiritual, or emotional improvement. Resolutions are a way to set a goal and set steps to achieving that goal. I know going into it, there will be struggles. I won’t be perfect. I may not meet the my goals. But I will try and work toward being better. I want to end 2021 better than I start it.

A year Bible verse is something I’ve done in the past. I really like the idea of using a Bible verse to guide my thinking. To help keep me focus on a Biblical truth throughout the year. This year’s verse is: For we live by faith, not sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

2021 word is a relatively new idea for me. I’ve done it a handful of years. The word is used to refocus me on my goals. It is a one word to realign me when I stray from goals. Therefor, my word for 2021 is patience. I’ve struggled with this in 2020. Well, if I’m being honest, I’ve struggled with this my whole life. I want something and I want it now. I’m not good at waiting. This sometimes causes me to feel stressed because I try so hard to do everything and to get everything done right now. I often don’t relax because of my desire to get it done now. This year, I want to focus on take a breath and being patient.

Well, onto what you likely came to read. My resolutions.


  1. Weight loss: Last year I lost and kept 15 pounds off. My goal this year is a bit loftier. I want to lose 30 pounds. I If I stay motivated, I can do this. I am a WeightWatchers member now. So I just need to focus on my points and start exercising. I was slightly derailed last year due to doing too much exercise too fast. This year, I will start of slower and focus on exercising wisely.
  2. 5K completion: Prior to starting grad school (almost 5 years ago), I was running. I was running a lot. I did several 5Ks and a couple of 1/2 marathons. I started jogging last year but a knee injury sidelined me. I need to go slower. I want to do a 5K by December 31st, 2021. Hopefully, I can do it by August. But, one thing I learned last year, I won’t be rushing it.
  3. More family time: One thing I learned in 2020, family time can be relaxing and can reset me. I need to make this a focus. I need to plan days were we do family things all day. My kids need it and I need it. We will spend time as a family.
  4. Prayer: I want to spend more purposeful time in prayer. I’ve not done as well the last few years being purposeful. Praying about my worries and concerns or even my joys. I feel better when I pray. I feel more focused and like I can do more when I pray.

So that’s it. Those are my resolutions. Did make resolutions this year? I’d love to hear yours. Please share.

Lessons from 2020

I know many people are looking forward to 2020, and the chaos it brought, ending. I get that. Most never would have anticipated a toilet paper shortage. Although, we should have since Supernatural mentioned hoarding all the toilet toilet paper. (Why didn’t we listen?) Most didn’t expect to pay twice as much for meat as we did a year ago. We didn’t expect to move school into our homes or have sports come to a sudden stop. Life looked very different. And, many didn’t like. I get it. I missed all those things that were comfortable and easy.

However, you know what? 2020 brought so many good things too. I learned a lot about what we can do and what we should do. It brought neighbors together. I want to share my lessons learned in 2020.

  1. Little things in life. It really is those little things in life that make life more enjoyable. These are the things I took for granted. In 2020, running to the store and grabbing a few things was much more of an ordeal. So, when it returned to normal, I appreciated it so much more. I also never knew how exciting it would be to find TOILET PAPER! Yes, I began celebrating toilet paper sightings. I also have a new found appreciation for doing nothing. Before 2020, the kids were in activities after school and most of the year. We’d be running here and there doing all the busy things. In 2020, I learned doing nothing is a huge blessing. Sending my kids to school is another little thing in life that I didn’t think twice about before. Now, I appreciate being able to do this. And do it safely.
  2. Home cooked meals. In many parts of the country, mine included, conveniences were stopped. No longer could we grab a bite to eat while we were out shopping. Several years ago, I prepared all of our meals at home due to food allergies. However, as those allergies improved, we began going out to eat. In fact, we were going out to eat at least once a week. With everything coming to a screaming halt, I began cooking at home again. Boy did I miss doing this. I find it challenging at times due to working full-time outside the home and preparing food to eat at a decent time. But I did rekindle my love for cooking and baking.
  3. Movies. I’ve always loved movies. Before the kids, I and my husband went out to the movies almost every weekend. At times, we’d do a double feature if there were two movies we really wanted to see. Then, kids came and we stopped watching movies. This was for a variety of reasons that ranged from the movies are not kid friendly or just simply lack of time. Now enter 2020. Several of these reasons became a moot point. We found ourselves hanging out at home and watching movies. Boy do I love movies.
  4. Sleeping in. This maybe should be number 1. I typically bring work home. To avoid from interrupting my family’s schedule. I often will get up at 6 AM on Saturday and Sunday to get a few hours of work in before the rest of my family wakes up. Well, there was a good portion of this year that I was not as busy and therefor, didn’t bring as much work home. This resulted in sleeping in. And you know, what? Sleeping in is glorious. Even if its only until 8 AM.
  5. My family is pretty amazing. The number 1 thing I was reminded of is my family is pretty amazing. Not only did we adjust to the new time. But we did it with grace and compassion. I took the kids on hikes to explore the outdoors. We had to cancel our big vacation plans and instead did a small one here. We learned so much about each other and learned to laugh together. We even cried together. They are amazing.

So, that’s some of the lessons I learned from 2020. I’d love to hear what you learned or gained from 2020.

WW: Week 6

I am a day late for my post. We had a great family weekend. It was hard on the diet though. Saturday we went to Jurassic Quest. We had lunch there and it only had a fried food options. I did get the “best” option which was a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. I could have gotten fruit but for convenience purposes I got the basket. I also made lasagna on Saturday and ate it for supper on Sunday as well. On Sunday, I took my little guy to a birthday party at a trampoline place and declined pizza and a brownie. That is a great victory. I use to to be the one who felt guilty turning down food.

I also started getting on my treadmill again. Its been about 2 years since I ran regularly. I use to run regularly and completed a couple of 1/2 marathons. Now, I’m not running. I am not close to being able to run. But I am getting on and walking 15 minutes at around speed 3. The first day, my IT band got so tight. If that doesn’t state how out of shape I am, I’m not sure what would!

With all that, from Friday to today, I gained 1 pound. I’m taking that as a win. I am also taking as a win, on Friday, I moved into second place at the work weight-loss challenge. If I can manage to keep it, I will be excited. Its a pretty tight race right now. In order to get into 1st place, I need to lose 1%. Which as my husband points out, wouldn’t be hard. I think it ends up being about 1 pound.  We’ll see how I do.

What I learned this week

It may be challenging, but I can do family activities and stay on track. It does take some planning and maybe adjusting my eating before and after the event. However, I can still spend all day at a child event with poor eating options. I just need to make good choices. Part of what kept me from having the motivation to lose weight was the difficulty of still doing the fun things with my kids. But I skipped having a sweet treat with the kids and made better (not perfect) choices for lunch.

What could have gone better

I had cravings this week. I wanted something to snack on that wasn’t fruit. I didn’t have much in the house that wasn’t going to kill me on points. I am not certain what I could eat that is lower on points. I need to finger that out this week.

This weeks plan

This week, I will continue on the treadmill. I will stay at 15 mins this week. Hopefully, next week I can bump that up to 20 minutes. I will find a snack food that I can keep in the house to help with my cravings. I will also continue to work on my eating. I did splurge a bit last week. I would love to lose the pound I gained over the weekend and one additional pound. I am, as of this post 3.4 pounds away from being below my second goal. I would love to hit that goal in the next two weeks.

How’s your diet going so far? Anything you’ve learned this week? Any good snack ideas? Please share!