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WW: Week 6

I am a day late for my post. We had a great family weekend. It was hard on the diet though. Saturday we went to Jurassic Quest. We had lunch there and it only had a fried food options. I did get the “best” option which was a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. I could have gotten fruit but for convenience purposes I got the basket. I also made lasagna on Saturday and ate it for supper on Sunday as well. On Sunday, I took my little guy to a birthday party at a trampoline place and declined pizza and a brownie. That is a great victory. I use to to be the one who felt guilty turning down food.

I also started getting on my treadmill again. Its been about 2 years since I ran regularly. I use to run regularly and completed a couple of 1/2 marathons. Now, I’m not running. I am not close to being able to run. But I am getting on and walking 15 minutes at around speed 3. The first day, my IT band got so tight. If that doesn’t state how out of shape I am, I’m not sure what would!

With all that, from Friday to today, I gained 1 pound. I’m taking that as a win. I am also taking as a win, on Friday, I moved into second place at the work weight-loss challenge. If I can manage to keep it, I will be excited. Its a pretty tight race right now. In order to get into 1st place, I need to lose 1%. Which as my husband points out, wouldn’t be hard. I think it ends up being about 1 pound.  We’ll see how I do.

What I learned this week

It may be challenging, but I can do family activities and stay on track. It does take some planning and maybe adjusting my eating before and after the event. However, I can still spend all day at a child event with poor eating options. I just need to make good choices. Part of what kept me from having the motivation to lose weight was the difficulty of still doing the fun things with my kids. But I skipped having a sweet treat with the kids and made better (not perfect) choices for lunch.

What could have gone better

I had cravings this week. I wanted something to snack on that wasn’t fruit. I didn’t have much in the house that wasn’t going to kill me on points. I am not certain what I could eat that is lower on points. I need to finger that out this week.

This weeks plan

This week, I will continue on the treadmill. I will stay at 15 mins this week. Hopefully, next week I can bump that up to 20 minutes. I will find a snack food that I can keep in the house to help with my cravings. I will also continue to work on my eating. I did splurge a bit last week. I would love to lose the pound I gained over the weekend and one additional pound. I am, as of this post 3.4 pounds away from being below my second goal. I would love to hit that goal in the next two weeks.

How’s your diet going so far? Anything you’ve learned this week? Any good snack ideas? Please share!

WW: Week 5

One more week down, both one week done and one more week of weight-loss. I had a good weight-loss week. I lost 4.2 pounds last week and am now down a little over 11 pounds. This gives me an average of 2.8 pounds lost per week. I’ve decided once I’m down an additional 4 pounds I’ll reward myself. I’m looking forward to getting a Stitch Fix box as a reward.

This week I received a small surprise from WW. They recognized my weight-loss with a ring and a blue bar to put on the ring. I was not expecting to get anything from them. But this is such a nice gesture. It helps me to not feel alone. Especially since I am doing the digital only package and don’t have the opportunity to gain the support from a group setting.


How did the week overall go? Not too bad. I did much better with getting more protein. I purchased and cooked chicken breasts on Sunday. I added this to my salad. I overall I prefer this over the lunch meat. Since chicken breasts are free as are the lettuce and veggies. The only thing I need to take points for his the salad dressing. Its a filling and low point lunch. This then allows me more points at supper when I am feeding my family.  Breakfast this week has pretty much stayed the same. During the week, I eat 1-2 bananas at work. On the weekend, I typically eat eggs with toast.

Friday and yesterday were probably the most challenging days. Friday, I was feeling happy about the weight-loss, so I did get Chinese food from a local grocery store. I couldn’t eat the whole meal. I use to be able to and then scrounge around for a snack. I ate about half and threw the rest away. So, that was good! I was also still full when supper came around, so I didn’t eat anything. I did stop at Starbucks to celebrate with the kids. However, I got a small drink instead of a large. So, that’s HUGE for me as well.

Saturday (yesterday) was a challenge. I was at a medical conference for the whole day. They fed us breakfast, lunch and two snacks. Overall, I did well. I had gotten some frustrating news prior to leaving for the conference. So I did splurge and ate a large muffin. However, the rest of my breakfast there was fruit. I drank coffee (several cups) but only put in a splash of creamer. For lunch, I skipped the pasta and filled my plate with a large salad, 3 oz of chicken breast and green beans. The morning snack was only fruit for me and the afternoon was also fruit and two small cubes of cheese. So, I survived! Typically at a conference I would eat the pastries, deserts and sweet snacks as they were available. So, I was very proud of myself.

Overall, I feel like this week went well. Next week will have its own challenges. But, I’m going to do the best that I can. I don’t expect another whopping weight-loss week. But boy would I love get the remaining four pounds off in order to reward myself!

How did your week go? Are you following WW or another diet plan? I would love to hear from you.

Missed the last few weeks of my WW journey? Check them out here: Week 4, Week 2, Week 1, and Day 1.

WW: Week 4

One month down! I’m so excited to say I’ve made it one month! I’ve lost some every week which is also so very exciting! Admittedly, only two ounces last week. That is partly because the previous Friday, I over ate and gained a few pounds. So, I spent the week losing what I gained. This week, I may be in the same boat. We had friends over on Saturday and we had baked potato soup, crescents, and apple crisp. I also made sangria. So, that was not low on points. I finished the Sangria and dessert last night. I didn’t weight myself this morning. I know I should’ve. I will weight myself tomorrow. I will be on track today.

Overall, I’m down almost 8 pounds in 4 weeks. For me, this is a good average weight loss. I did sign-up for a diet bet at work. It’s my first. This runs into February. At the beginning of this challenge, I told myself if I could lose 5 pounds I would be happy.  I’m over that and happy about that success. Now, I would love to hit the 10 pound mark during the challenge.

Overall, I’m satisfied with what I’m eating. I did get a little craving on Friday. But, I think that was due to eating less protein last week. So my goal this week is to ensure good protein intake. I will correct my diet and hopefully lose more than a few ounces this week. I would love to round out my 8 pounds.

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution of weight-loss this year? If so, how are you doing with your goal? Are yo following WW? If so, how do you like it?

WW: Week 2

I’ve been following the diet now since Jan 1, so about 12 days. On Jan 10th, I weighed in for the diet challenge at work. When I read reviews of the diet, the biggest impression I read was not to expect BIG weight-loss. Rather, I should expect slow loss.  Being in the medical field, slow weight loss does now worry me. In fact, I prefer slower weight loss for a better long-term weight maintenance.

So, with some anxiety, I stepped on the scale. I was quite pleased with my weight-loss. I was down approximately 4 pounds or 1.71%. When I started this, my goal was to lose 5 pounds during the challenge. This would average approximately .5-1 pound per week. I almost met this goal in 10 days. Now, I know and expect I won’t have as big of a weight loss in future weeks. But this was a great way to start the year!

Pleased with my progress, you may be wondering how satisfied I feel with the food I’ve eaten in the last 12 days. Following the diet is quite easy. I have so many free food options which means I’m not spending my day documenting every bite I take. I also have multiple food options to grab and eat if I were in need of a snack. I have not felt hungry this week which is very nice considering I’m dieting.

The potential for abusing the system is possible. I tend to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I enjoy them and am eating more of it. It would be possible to eat fruits and vegetables and then using the daily and weekly points for junk. I’m not doing this but I could see if one did not manage their points or tried to eat all of their points, you may not lose any weight.

Overall thoughts, I’m quite satisfied with my weight loss. To make the diet work, you have to manage your intake and not focus on eating all the points.


WW: Week 1

Week one is done. I felt like it went ok. I found plenty to eat. I did not weight myself today due to the diet bet I’m doing has a weight day of Friday. I want to see my weight-loss on this day and not early.

Here are my thoughts.

What went well

It was pretty easy to jump in and get started. The plan did not require me to buy special food to be start the diet. This was nice because I did not have time to run to the store prior to starting. I was able to work with the food we already had. I also liked the variety of food I ate this week. I’m not one who needs to needs a variety of foods. In fact, I can eat the same thing over and over. However, during the week with my busy schedule, its good to be able to grab food and go.

What didn’t go as well

The first day was harder to stay within my points. I did, but it was more challenging then I was originally expecting due to so many free foods. I found out it did take some planning. It is a little more difficult to be more spontaneous. I do think this is a challenge with most diets, but with this one and the points does make a bit more challenging.

Overall thoughts

Overall, this week went well. I felt full most of the week and did not have too many cravings. I also was able to find things to eat when we had supper at the church.

Here are are two of my breakfasts. The overnight oats is 8 points and the eggs and toast was 5 points.

That’s week one. Have you made healthy lifestyle changes or started any diets this year? Are you also following WW? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment and let me know.

Day 1 in the Books

I don’t plan to post daily about my experience. After all, I go back to work tomorrow so my time will be very limited. I’m thinking about doing a Sunday weekly update. However, making it through Day 1 seems like a good thing to write about.

Today was an atypical day. We slept in with it being New Years Day and I ate basically only two meals. I did eat a snack. My meals were not typical and I’m really hoping that is what impacted my point usage. I went over my daily points by 1. Now, this isn’t really an issue. Especially when you consider I have weekly points which, I believe, is to cover those accidental overeating. Or when you want ice cream.

Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: 15 points
2 slices of toast with butter
Coffee with cream and sugar
2 eggs
2 slices of bacon

Lunch: 0 points

Snack: 3 points
Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinaigrette

Dinner: 13 points
1 cup rice
4 oz chicken thigh with salsa
2 Tbsp sour cream

What I’ve learned:

Vegetables and fruits are my friend as they are mostly free in points. I feel like I ate a lot overall. Even though I did not eat three full meals, I was not hungry. I will need to plan ahead for the next two days to figure out what I will eat at work. Tomorrow, I plan to eat the salsa chicken and rice again. I knew I would need something for breakfast tomorrow and I made overnight oats for 8 points.

That was my day. Overall, a positive experience. I will see how tomorrow goes.

Are you following WW? I would love to hear how you make it work with your daily routine or with a family.

New Year’s Resolution 2019

Its an end of a decade this year. Its amazing how much has changed in just 10 years. I went from a 30 year-old mom of one to now a mom of two with a new busy career. In the last 10 years, I’ve had my second child and completed graduate school. Our family has moved into a new house with a neighborhood full of kids. My daughter started junior high. Yup. Life has changed a lot in 10 years. Its busier but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I’ve skipped the last couple of years of resolution making. This year, I’m not skipping it. I do better when I have a resolution. A goal to work towards. Something to focus on. I also due better when I write it out. So, here I am. Typing away and setting some goals.


  1. Focused Energy:  As a mom and a primary provider, I am pulled in so many directions. So much, it can be difficult to really enjoy my time and to not feel distracted by the never ending “To do” list. I want to be present for those I am with and the tasks I am completing. This year. I will focus my energy on what I am doing. I will feel present in the moment. How I will do that, I am not sure. I will work on some specific goals the first few weeks of 2020.
  2. Weight Management: This is very important to me. If you read my previous post, you know I will be starting Weight Watchers. I will be working on diet first and then, once I feel stable, will work on exercise. I will write more focused goals on this in the first month of the year.

2020 Word: Mindfulness 

Definition according to Webster: 1 : the quality or state of being mindful. 2 : the practice of maintaining a nonjudgmental state of heightened or complete awareness of one’s thoughts, emotions, or experiences on a moment-to-moment basis also : such a state of awareness.

I chose this word for several reasons. I want to work on being more present and less distracted. I want to also practice mindfulness in my thoughts and the emotional effect of said thoughts. I have been more negative in my self-thoughts which I believe has impacted and assisted in my weight-gain.

Bible Verse of the year: Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. -1 Peter 5:7

I’m not a anxious person. I don’t typically sit and worry about things that may or may not happen. However, I do have worries about what I plan to do and accomplish next year in both work and home life. I worry about failing at weight-loss as I have in the last two years. I also worry about our finances. This Bible verse reminds me that I am lucky to have a God who cares for me. For ME. I have nothing to worry about as He will take care of things. It will be difficult for me as I do enjoy having control over things. Learning to let go and act in FAITH is difficult for me. I plan to use this verse to help guide me through my goals.

Have you set New Year resolutions? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Please share below.

Here we go again

I’ve had such a busy last few years. I finished graduate school, started one new jobs, and changed job sites. It was a whirl wind. I’ve struggled with stress with the new responsibility and increased worked load. I am working about 55-60 hours a week. I’m not complaining, I love my job. It just difficult to find a balance between work and family life. So the part of my life that stopped was my health.

Between graduate school and my first 2 years of practice, I have gained over 50 pounds of weight.  Depressingly, I’m back at post-baby weight. I’ve completely stopped running and exercising. I feel the weight of my life changes. I hate it.

Starting next year, I need to get into better shape. I need to take control over my health. I’m sitting it here. Putting it out there that I am making a change. In hopes that I will be successful this time.

Today, I joined WW (weightwatchers). I will start using the app on the first of the year. I will begin making little changes to a better health. I may not have time (now) to exercise. But I can start monitoring what goes into my mouth. I can begin eating healthier. And so, that’s where I am. Heavier than I want and out of shape.

My goal is to document my journey at least weekly. My ask of you, help keep me accountable. Comment on my posts. Share your stories.

Do you have a weight-loss journey you’re starting? If so, share with me. Let’s be a support to each other. Have you been on a journey and been successful? Share that too. Other’s success can be a great motivator.

Book Review: As the Tide Comes in

First off, sorry for the two posts in one day. Or, maybe I’m not….I dunno. I guess, I’m sorry if it seems like too many posts for you and not if you enjoy hearing from me twice in one day…And this could be an irrelevant start to my post if you are reading this after the initial day…(insert awkward silence)…..

Ok, then! Moving right along. I finished this book actually a couple of weeks ago. I was very lucky to get chosen to be part of the launch team and did get a pre-release copy of the book. With that, I wanted to wait until closer to the release date to actually write my review. But, y’all! This was such a great read! I had a really hard time waiting to tell you guys about it. It is released in 1 month! Or August 21st. This is one of those books, that you’ll want to put on your must-read list.

Without Further Ado, here is my review.


As the Tide Comes in by Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall

Tara Abbot was raised in the foster care system and as an adult took on the responsibility of raising her half-brothers. When the unthinkable happens, she decides to go North Carolina. More specifically, St. Simons Island. She finds herself confused and scared and in the care of women who identify themselves as the Glynn Girls and a determined firefighter.

First off, make sure you have lots of tissues handy. This book brings the onions like no other I’ve read in a long time. It reached down and not only touched my heart but pulled and pulled until I walked away feeling as emotionally tugged on, exhausted, and thrilled as the characters in the story.

Woodsmall once again delivered an amazing story. I tend to read a lot of historical novels and novels with similar story lines. This was a refreshing change. This one takes a completely different approach and adds whole lot of heart to the story. The characters are rich and well-developed. They have some quirkiness which helps them seem more real, odd but real.

It’s nothing short of a work of art. Buy it. Read it. Thank me after you’ve let the tears (sorrowful and happy) flow. You won’t regret it.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 bookends. I recommend this book for young adults or adults who love contemporary fiction and heartfelt stories that tug (and pull) on those heartstrings.

I did receive this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publisher as part of the launch team in exchange for an honest review.

What are you reading? I’d love to hear from you.

Book Review: Jane of Austin

We just got back from a busy vacation to Chicago. I really love family vacations. I love it from beginning to end, the packing up the car to unloading it, the early mornings to late evenings, and the are we there yet moments to the finally we’ve arrived moments. I also love that it gives me time to read a book. It never fails, I’m either up before everyone because my internal alarm clock doesn’t quit or I’m up after the kids have fallen soundly asleep. This really shouldn’t surprise me. I’m almost always awake stirring around a quiet house. The nice thing about vacation is, I’m up stirring but I don’t have any charts to work on. And that’s a HUGE blessing.

So while in Chicago, I read Jane of Austin it was a wonderful escape. Here’s my review.


Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge

The Woodward sisters find themselves out of a home and their teas salon without a roof. This paired with their ever-looming father’s reputation, the girls must look for a new home and a new store front. In order to escape their father’s poor choices, they move from California to Austin, Texas to live with their cousin Ian. There they meet extended family, a Texas charmer, and a retired Marine captain.

This book has it all! It has a fantastic story backdrop of starting over and rebuilding lives in an unknown city. It artfully mixes in relationships both family and love interests. Toss in some love of baking and tea and you have a best selling, (quite) unique book.

At its core, is a theme of love, family and hard work. Despite the unfair circumstances, these girls learn the ongoing importance of family and honesty. They also learn a lesson on caution and not everyone is who they seem. Hard work is always there, whether its learning about a new-found disability, running a business, or working at relationships; it takes hard work.

What I love about this story is the uniqueness it brings to the Austin favorite. At the end of many chapters, the author has added recipes. Being a self-acclaimed baker and chef, I loved ready through and making note of which ones I would be going back to try. I also loved the added tea bits. There’s not a lot of this, so don’t worry it doesn’t take over the story. But it’s sprinkled in nicely.

This modern day spin on the classic Sense and Sensibility is well-written and certain to delight. The wit and charm will pull-you in and keep you reading.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 bookends. I would recommend it to anyone who loved Jane Austin, contemporary novels, stories of starting over, or light romance. This book would be appropriate for young adults and older teens.

What are you reading now? Leave a comment and let me know what you’re reading and if you are enjoying it! I love to hear from you.