I’ve been thinking about how to get started for a while now. Should my first post be witty or a fun little story. Maybe I should just start talking as if we’re old friends and are having a casual conversation. Should I talk about why I’m blogging even though there are other pages addressing it? Although I’m certain any of those ways would suffice as a first entry. I decided they’d be a bit lacking.

In thinking and over thinking this first post, I realized one simple truth. I really wanted to get over the group-therapy introduction. You know that introduction when you’re standing in front of a group and someone says, “This is….” and you fumble through “Hi” and half-wave. Ultimately, you’re searching those new faces for some sign of friendliness when all you want to do is have everyone stop staring at you. Yeah. I’d love to have that part of this blog over. So Here you have it….

Hello, my name is….Mommie to my kids, Honey to my husband, and Ruthie to my friends. It’s very nice to meet you. (phew….that wasn’t too bad).