This weekend, I’ve been a single mom to one. My husband went to visit his family with my daughter, leaving me home with the Little Guy. He is an energetic 2 year-old. I have this tendency to over-fill our weekends with activities. My weekend plan with the Little Guy included a trip to the library, a movie, run to Target, Church, and, of course cuddle time.

Well, Saturday turned out nothing as planned. During breakfast, we managed to throw a breaker and it took forever to figure out how to get the electricity going again. It had taken so long and so much frustration that I’d contemplated not going to the library. But we went anyways. Then the first library was closed on Sat and Sun (really, a library closed on the weekends?). We were in luck because the second library was open.

At the library we picked through the books and read several there. He was so excited to be there. We finally settled on a couple for him, his sister, and me. He really didn’t want to leave, so much so that he whined when we were just leaving the children’s part of the library and walked back into the library after we’d left the building. His joy of being at the library was so apparent in his face. It was a simple thing to take him to the library and let him sift through books, but it ment a lot to him.

I wonder, when did I lose the pleasure of simple things? When was the last time I felt overjoyed at being at the library? When did I stop to  appreciate the little things with a child-like joy? When did I lose that joy? How can I get that simple joy back?

How about you? Do you still have the Joy of a child? When did you experience this simple Joy?