There are many very well-educated and not so educated people advising anyone who will listen to them on the politicians running for office. Don’t worry, I have no intention of telling you who to vote for or even attempt to sway your vote one way. Ultimately, you will vote for whoever seems best for you and your family’s situation. So, if you want to read a post about who I think is the best candidate, please stop reading because you won’t find that here. If you want to read a post about my opinion as to why elections are so very important, keep reading but remember, it is my opinion. You won’t find a whole lot of facts or statistics, just opinion.

The right to vote is one that history has proven people will fight and die for. People desperately want to have their voice heard, they want to have a say in their countries direction. Strangely enough, the right to vote is one that many in this country either neglect to assert or go through the motions. Too many focus on a specific party and vote year after year for that party’s candidate without examination. I say, that’s a vote wasted.

Since I’ve become a parent, I’ve taken my job voting very seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve voted in every Presidential election since I turned 18. My first election I was a senior in high-school and was a very well-educated voter on the issues and candidates thanks to the senior year government class. The next election I was fresh out of college and will admit, I listened to someone who seemed well-educated and voted for a candidate not Republican or Democrat. I felt voter regret when I saw the candidate that was elected and voted against him the following election. So, you see, what I’m going to suggest, I didn’t always do.

Now, as a parent, I fully understand the importance of elections. These are the leaders who represent us to the world. They are out there in the publicly and say, “This is what the United States’ people believe”. They are direct reflection of us to the rest of the world. They create polices and legislation that will directly and indirectly impact our children and their future. Their actions and in-actions will determine our country’s safety and security.

I want to urge you to step back from your political party affiliations and to evaluate what are your values and the important issues to you. Also consider the type of world you want to have your children live in. Is it a world where everyone is taken care of, a world of equality and in a country that values education? Do you value culture and promoting immigration? Do you believe the wealthiest individuals in this country not only have the means but the power to change and grow this economy and most importantly, that they will? Where do you want to see Medicare in 15 years or 20?

Take a minute and to write all of these thoughts down so you can review it later. Then start your research. Look at both candidates’ positions on those issues. Write those down. Don’t stop there. I urge you to look at the candidates’ records beyond what their ads say. Actually get into the history and write down what you find. Examine these candidates on consistency in their message and where they’ve aligned themselves. Evaluate how they’ve raised their funds. Look at what those who’ve worked with them say about them.  I urge you to put some time into research looking beyond with their political parties say about them and searching for unbiased information. Again, write it all down. Once you’ve completed your research, compare it to your first list and choose the person who matches your views and goals for the country. If you do this, you will be educated.

It’s a lot of work, but when you look at the importance of elections for our future and our children, isn’t it worth putting in a little bit of effort? Especially when considering that these candidates seem very polar in visions and policies.

Oh, and here’s one site to get you started. It compares Romney vs Obama on some of the issues.