Yesterday was  the preschool fall party and I signed up for do the craft for the party. I do love arts and crafts and like to consider myself crafty. My husband, now he’s an artist for real, his college degree is in fine art and graphic design. Since he’s actually trained in art, I sometimes get a bit, well, self-conscious about my creativity. Since I know what he’s capable of, I just say I’m crafty.

Anyways, back on topic, I signed up for this art project two plus months ago. I was super excited to find something for them to do. So, of course I started searching and saving everything I could find on my Pinterest.  I spent the last two months slowly gathering up supplies and did nothing to prepare until the night before the party night. Yeah. I can procrastinate with the best of them.

I’ll admit, last night at 11 pm when I and my husband (he’s a good sport when I get in over my head) finally finished the prep-work, I was have some fall party blues! Despite those blues, I believe the model one for the teachers and helpers to go off from today is pretty cute. I was hoping to include the one my four-year-old made at the party but she told me that they were drying in the class room.