This is the very first Thrifty Thursday. This is a planned ongoing blog series to include ideas and tips on ways to save a little each month. I’ve always tended toward a thrifty nature but since having kids and the economy crash, saving has become so very important for us and, I suspect, most of America. My ideas are not all new, and many of you may be using these ideas already. If you are, please comment, share your thoughts on the ideas. Please, share if they’re working for you or not. Especially if you are able to attach a dollar amount saved. I personally hate math so I won’t have figured out the dollar amounts every time.

Toothpaste. Everyone uses it. Have you ever thought about how much toothpaste gets stuck in the tube and never comes out? Do you just waste that toothpaste or do you try rolling the toothpaste tube trying to force out the last bit of paste? Well, in our house we do both. We try the rolling it up and forcing out what we can. But then end up just tossing it because of not wanting to put so much effort into it.

Thanks to my sister-in-law who stayed with us a couple of weeks ago, I’ve discovered a cheap product that helps you get that last bit out of your toothpaste tube. Oh, do you have expensive creams/ointments in tubes? This works with it too, thus very quickly saving you money!

This tube squeezer is found at the Dollar Store and costs, 1.00. Great deal! It goes easily on the tube and has a knob on the side to move toothpaste out of the tube. As the bottom of the tube empties, it curls up inside the tube squeezer. Directions for putting it on the tube is on the back.

It’s a simple little contraption but boy is there savings in it. We use it on our ointments to help decrease the number of times we’re filling it. Its increased the amount of toothpaste we get out of our tube and decreases my frustration of fighting with the tube. Over all, this is a great, simple product and saves us money!