The Second Thrifty Thursday. This is a planned ongoing blog series to include ideas and tips on ways to save a little each month. I’ve always tended toward a thrifty nature but since having kids and the economy crash, saving has become so very important for us and, I suspect, most of America. My ideas are not all new, and many of you may be using these ideas already. If you are, please comment, share your thoughts on the ideas. Please, share if they’re working for you or not. Especially if you are able to attach a dollar amount saved. I personally hate math so I won’t have figured out the dollar amounts every time.

Major bulk Stores, you know the Coscos and Sams Clubs;  I use to hate those places. Yup, I hated them. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the concept, buy in bulk and save. However, I never thought they actually worked. I dislike Walmart, they’re company policies, the feel of the store, shopping environment, etc. So that pretty much ment I disliked Sams. However, because of my son’s multiple severe food allergies our grocery bill effectively doubled. I was in despite need for saving some money.

My cousin convinced me to go into Sams with her, she was convinced I would love it. After going there a couple of times, I started doing some research on the non-health food items we purchased regularly. I compared the price per unit at Sams to the price per unit at our usual grocery store. What I discovered was good and bad. Well, the truth I found out was this, there really is something to this buying in bulk. Not everything in bulk is cheaper or better even. But there was enough that I knew I’d save money if I sucked it up and got a membership. I then became the bulk shopper. I now can buy more than a month’s worth of meat, a months worth of toilet paper, a few odds and ends for right around $200.00.

Two months ago I bought 15 pounds of ground beef and that was a bit too much and has lasted so far through this month’s menu (I’ve got a couple of pounds still in the freezer). So, bonus, I didn’t buy any ground beef so far this month. I was able to buy some Steak from our regular grocery store (on sale, great price). I buy 2 bags of frozen chicken breast at about 10 pounds two months ago and found out that we really only need a little over one bag. Again, the second bag is still going strong this month. The TP was 90 rolls which lasts at least a month. We purchase a 22 roll package of paper towels which again will last the month. We also buy individual pizzas every other month for my husband’s and mine lunches. Each of these products were less than buying them at Target or our grocery store.

Two months ago we spent right at 200.00, this last month we were under by about 30.00 since we had some carry over. What I don’t buy bulk: Soda, no clothing items (unless I really like it knowing I’m not saving any money), junk food, foods we won’t finish before spoiling. Some of their fruit is a good price, but not always. They’re typically priced very much the same as I would normally buy but I’m forced to buy more. There is an occassional exception to this rule being strawberries, the price is often times less per unit compared to my usual grocery store. Bananas I’ve found to be basically the same price.

Other items we buy less than monthly:


Protein Shakes (for working out)

Vitamins- kids

Diapers and Pull-ups

Thinking about bulk? Do some research first. Find out what you can save money on and what just looks like a good deal. Here are some websites to get you started.

Leave a comment, tell me what you find to be a good money saver at the bulk stores. Happy shopping!