My two year-old son came home with homework last weekend. Yup, a two year-old with home work from daycare. Seem weird to you? It was weird for me too. However, I was grateful for it as it gave us a craft to do. The homework was quite simple, a stocking drawn on a white piece of paper. The directions to decorate the stocking. Seeing the assignment it reminded me when I was in elementary school and we made the red construction paper stockings with the cotton puffs on the top. We used glitter to decorate the stocking part and cotton puffs along the top.

So my daughter could also participate, my husband drew her a stocking. I’d purchased what I’d thought was plain glitter which turned out to be glitter glue. This made it much easier for the kids and gave them more control over the actual decorating. Unfortunately, it took a bit of my control away. I’d planned on marking out the design with glue and then letting the kiddos put the glitter on. The result was clumps of glitter in spots and some areas with absolutely nothing. They had a blast and I loved the end project.

Since completing this, I plan on doing many more glue/glitter art projects in the future!

A few pictures


First step: glue on the puff balls



Second Step: Add Glitter