The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury, read via the Kindle

My church started a book club and this is the first selection. I am very excited to join as I’ve been looking for a book club to join for quite some time. I’ll write more about my experience as the club gets going.

This story follows two main set of people. Molly and Ryan and Donna and Charlie. Donna and Charlie own a book store, the Bridge, where Molly and Ryan spent most afternoons while in college. Unfortunately a great flood has completely ruined the bookstore and Charlie and Donna are on the verge of losing everything. Molly and Ryan now living separate lives are brought back in the common goal of helping save the Bridge. This novel leaves you with the “It’s a Wonderful Life” feeling as everything gets tied-up nicely just in time for Christmas.

This book was a short book, probably bordering a novella versus a novel. This makes it an easy introduction to Christian novels. It’s nice for the beginner Christian novel reader since its not overwhelming with Bible verses and references. I personally felt it could’ve used more but its good to not have the reader feel “preached” at or overwhelmed. The characters are very connectable. I believe most people can connect to the “one that got away”. Its a very short, sweet novel which captures the Christmas season.

Unfortunately even the best novels have some downfalls. One for me was it could’ve been longer. I felt like I was just connecting with the characters and then it abruptly got tied up in a neat little bow and was over. I did miss how she in the other book read had one verse that was the focus of the book. I wish she would have done something like that in this book. I also felt this was slightly overpriced for the length of the book. I called one of the local Christian stores which was selling the hard cover for 19.99. I bought it from the Kindle for 7.99. Its short enough that this busy mom of 2 small children read it in 3 short settings…maybe a total of 4 hours. In fact approximately the last 15% of my Kindle addition is acknowledgements and group discussion questions.

I do think this one is worth a quick read, especially if you’re wanting to try out Christian novels. Its short and sweet and leaves you believing in love and miracles.

Rating out of 5 Bookends: 4.5 only docked down due to the almost too neat ending and was a bit overpriced