My Legacy- Part 3

What I Want Other’s to Know About Me

This has been the hardest of the 3 part series to write. I’m not sure why, if I feel like it makes me seem egotistical or if its odd to think about what I want people to remember about me when I’m gone. Despite the challenges, I feel its important to think about it so I can live purposely. This process has allowed me to really evaluate what I want people to think about me and to think about if I’m truly living this now.

Here’s what I hope people remember about me or, in other words, how I see myself:

Christian: I remember when my grandmother passed away, there was no doubt that she went to Heaven. In fact, people specifically recalled her as a Good Christian Woman. In fact many of my memories of her are bursting with Christian values and experiences. I want people to say they know that I am good Christian woman. This is an area of improvement for me. I need to find ways to live my faith Outloud.

Compassionate:  Compassion is feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others. I tend to be very compassionate and work hard to show this. I do unfortunately tend to be a bit direct and blunt. Sometimes I think this may take away from my compassion. I work hard at being supportive when I know people are going through tough times.

Passionate: This is something I’m certain anyone who knows me very well, will say about me! I’m very passionate about my kids, food allergies, family, living a moral life, reading, fitness, and the list can go on! My passion oozes when I talk about these topics and I read everything I can about topics I’m passionate about. unfortunately, I think I can accidentally put people off my the amount of passion that comes bursting out!

Now that I’ve identified what I want people to remember about me, how can I live to embrace these things? Am I doing a good job at embracing these things? I mean, after all, actions talk louder than words. What actions can I take to help grow those attributes?

Since I’m always looking for ways to better myself, here are my steps I plan to take to help grow in those things I want people to remember about me:

1) Growing in faith– One of the ways my grandmother become such a strong Christian woman was because she was familiar with God’s word. I must read the Bible more and spend more time within his word. I must not shy away from Biblical conversations. I need to become more involved in church.

2) Compassion– I need to remember to be compassionate in tone, as well as, actions. I will (try to) be more outgoing and approachable to others as I sometimes come off as too direct or stand-offish.

3) Passion- I will curb the passion when needed and try to read people’s body language better. I will keep bringing up the food allergy issues and continue to be available for those who want to talk about it but remember that NOT everyone wants to discuss food allergies. I will re-direct my passion to things that I CAN change and be OK with letting those that I can’t go by the wayside.

What do you want people to remember about you? What do your actions say about you? Are you living that out? Are there ways you can improve? I’d love to hear from you if you feel like sharing.
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