Two weeks ago I was telling my husband about someone who we use to know quite well. I finished the story with, I don’t think she has many friends. I was relaying this story during supper. My four-year old daughter looked up from her dinner plate and looked at me with her big, brown eyes. She said quite simply, “Why don’t you be her friend Mommie?”

It was such a simple statement spoken very innocently. It got me to thinking, why don’t I try to be her friend? I had lots of reasons, some good reason, some not so good. And then, I felt guilty. My four-year-old was a better person than me! She saw this person’s need for friendship and she openly welcomes the friendship. Simple as that. Well, the next day I did open an invitation for lunch. I figured that was a good starting point.

As last week continued, I thought more about this situation. It reminded me a bit of the woman at the well. The woman at the well is a story that demonstrates God’s love and acceptance. At the time, the Samaritan woman was an outcast and was judged harshly by those living around her. She was a woman so scorned by others that she couldn’t even fetch water in the cool air of the morning. Instead, she went during the hottest time to avoid other woman.

Jesus crossed those boundaries and reached out to her. Not only did he speak to her but he treated her with respect. He broke Jewish customs by speaking to the outcast woman and drinking water she served him. He revealed himself to the lowliest of woman. He knew her history was less than desirable.

Now, back to my experience, my daughter was correct. It is right to reach out to all people, even those who seem very different from us. My daughter reminded me that it is our job to reach out to everyone. It is right and good to befriend those who need it the most. Her simple statement, “why don’t you be her friend Mommie?” reminded me of Christ call to us all.

Do you know someone who could use a friend? Is there someone being harshly or unfairly judged who could use a friendly face? Start simple with an encouraging smile followed by an invite to coffee. Work-up to inviting that person to lunch.

A new command I give you; Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34