If you’ve been following my blog you know that my word for this year is Health. If you’ve not read the original post and want to, check it out here.

Health defined as  the state of being free from illness; a person’s mental or physical condition. 

So, where am I in regards to my goals I set? I can say I’m not exactly where I wanted to be. OK. That may be an understatement. I was quite certain I’d be further than I am right now. I was certain I would be down several pounds, be jogging at least 2.75 miles, my house would be organized, and my cleaning schedule up and running. Boy did I forget to factor in life! I’ve come quite the distance with my fitness but not so far with my diet or home management health.

So far since the middle of Jan, I’ve drastically improved my tolerance to exercise. I started barely able to continue jogging a mile at less than 3.8 speed on the treadmill. I jogged outside two weeks ago since the weather was nice and we were out-of-town. I was able to jog nonstop for 40 minutes and tackled a very hilly, just shy of 2 miles route in about 23 mins. I was pretty pleased with myself. Since then I’ve returned to the gym. The first time back to the gym I did 1.5 miles at the 4.5 speed. I was completely tired afterward but so proud. Then the last time I jogged 2.25 miles, the furthest I’ve gone so far this year and kept my pace at 4.3 and greater. Very pleased with myself despite knowing that’s a pretty slow pace. I should be working out more. Which is my goal for this month.

What I’ve learned from the fitness: Jogging outside is so much easier for me. I do better outside than inside. I enjoy it more than inside. So come on SPRING!

As alluded to above, my diet has been very poor. Last month we spent more time away from home then home. Or well, at least it seemed that way! Now, I’ve only gained a couple of pounds, I certainly could’ve been doing much better! Despite my plan, I’ve not been counting calories. I’ve been eating whatever I want. Last week its been a lot of sweets. So yeah. Big improvements can be made here!

What I’ve learned from the weight loss: Life happens but I need to find ways to focus on the food I’m eating. I’m setting a small goal for the next 6 weeks to get me moving in the right direction.

Household management health has been at a standstill. Good thing we don’t have to judge my success on just the first two months! I’ve made the cleaning schedule. Unfortunately due to so much traveling in Jan/Feb, we’ve not implemented it. So that’s my goal for March. We have purchased some shelves for the back room in the basement. My husband has organized some and I am planning on going through everything. I want to take a bunch more to Goodwill and make one stack for consignment and another for garage sales. I’m seriously contemplating donating anything that is little baby stuff that doesn’t sell this summer. We have too much baby stuff and we’re not planning on any more little ones.

What I’ve learned from household management: It’s a continual cycle. I know this may seem obvious but it really is! There’s always something to do and we are never completely done. I must be adaptable and I really need to get the cleaning schedule in place so I don’t become complacent.

During my Bible study, I recently read these verses: Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest. – Prov 6:6-8

What a great reminder to go get up and get things done! My television shows can wait! Laying on the couch gets me no where! But, hard work now, will pay off later. If God’s smallest creatures realize this, there really is no reason for me to put off today what I’ll hate doing tomorrow.

How’s your New Year’s Resolutions going? Is there room for improvement?