I’ve always had a passion for reading. Once I learned to read, I didn’t stop. In school I read well above my grade level. In junior high, I was checking out books from the high school side of the library. The library lady looked at my selection, raised and eyebrow, and began to question my choices in books. Although, hesitant she let me check them out. She was very surprised when a few days later I returned the “a little too old book” and checked-out yet another. This time, she questioned me about the books. I’m guessing she didn’t believe that I actually read them. I must have satisfied her curiosity because she then stopped questioning me. Well, in the accusing way. Her questions were more, intellectually based. If that makes any sense at all. I as also that nerdy kid who truly LOVED all of the books that we were “forced” to read in English class. Yeah, I love reading and not just reading. I love the discussion of books and evaluation of the book itself. And tearing apart the plot and characters. Yeah. I love to read. I find Joy in books.

Sadly, my reading slowed way down in college and the years following. A couple of years ago for Christmas, my husband bought me a Kindle when my hunger for books returned. I have this habit of collecting books. Even though it was a perfect gift for me, it really was a perfect gift to himself. He no longer had to see all the books I was collecting. Now, I read a lot. I read mostly on my Kindle. I do check out some books from the library and borrow some traditional books from friends.

Since, I so obviously love reading, my heart surges as my 4 year-old wants to read. OK, WANTS may not totally describe her sentiment. She desperately wants to read. She loves books. She likes to follow with her finger as I read to her. She likes to “read” with me by repeating after me. She is always asking what signs and anything with writing says. I really want to encourage her so she too will find Joy in reading.

I’m now currently working on ways to encourage her. The hard part for me is, I don’t remember how I learned to read. I don’t remember learning phonics and sounding things out. I’m sure I did. I do remember reading groups in school. I  just don’t remember the basics on how to learn to read. But, I’m slowly making a plan to help her. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1) Order the dominoes sight word game from Scholastic

2) Make Flashcards that have pictures for her to practice the sounds in words (Dog, Cat, Rat, etc)

3) Continue to quiz her on the letters (upper and lower) and sounds letters make- Maybe flashcards?

4) Encourage her to watch Super Why? and maybe purchase a Super Why? game for her leap pad

What have you done to help your child read? Any helpful tips?