I finished this book within 4 days. Since I’m a full-time mom and work full-time, that’s pretty amazing. I knew I needed to finish reading it by this weekend so I could start the bookclub book. I was also looking forward to reading it as its my first time reading a book and reviewing it for blogging for books. Blogging for books is a new adventure for me. It’s a website that allows you to get free copies of books for a written review on your blog, one other merchant site (Amazon, B and Noble, etc) and on their site.

So here goes my first book review:


Secrets by Robin Jones Gunn is ultimately a book about self-discovery and independence. The book follows Jessica as she moves into a new town with the hopes of a new start. She is carrying a secret with her. On her way to the new town she has an accident which leads her to meet the handsome Kyle. She attempts to conceal her identity from all those she meets. This includes Kyle despite her growing feelings for him. Her poor planning promotes maturity and growth as she adjusts to her new life. She eventually learns she must face her secrets in order to truly move on her life.

This book was quick read. I read it in just a short few days. It was enjoyable book. At first glance it seems to be quite a simple story however, if taking to time to really evaluate it, one would find more depth. The characters are well-developed and I felt pulled into the story. Christianity was weaved wonderfully throughout without sounding preachy. This book had two flaws that I kept coming back to and unfortunately they relate to the premise of the book. The main character was running away but she only took 300 dollars and she went to a town without first creating an identity. She is someone who from early on in the book you gather comes from wealth. I couldn’t figure out why, logically she would’ve left with so little cash. And, if she came from wealth, it would’ve been easy for her to obtain something of an identity. She still had her old license and didn’t change her name until she was actually in the new town. Now with those flaws, it could easily be said that it was part of her character. She’d never really lived on her and really was quite naive.

Even with that flaw, I felt the book was quite well-written and enjoyable. This will be an author that I would read again and I would recommend this book to someone looking for a quick read.

This book was provided to me for my Kindle free of charge by Blogging for Books and I was not required to positive review.
This book received 4.5/5 bookends.