Oh be careful little ears what you hear

oh be careful little ears what you hear

For the father up above is looking down with love

So be careful little ears what you hear


Since both myself and my husband work my children go to daycare. I am very satisfied with the daycare provider we have. We were quite lucky when looking for one a friend was able to recommend this one. There have been bumps along the way but we’ve been able to work through them. The one thing that’s very frustrating and one that I have very little control over is the other children and the things they are taught and over heard.

Adults do not think before they talk around children. Sadly, not everything they say is age appropriate. This is so very evident with my almost 5 year-old. She comes home and repeats language we don’t use in our house. When questioned, she does openly tell me where she learned the new word. Often times she has no idea what the word means, she’s just repeating it as she’s heard. Keep in mind the words aren’t true “cuss words” but they are quite inappropriate. Going beyond adults using language not appropriate, they talk about topics which I don’t feel are age-appropriate. My daughter then comes home and tells me about what she’s learned from the other children.

Each of those incidents have given me the opportunity to redirect my child or to educate her on our morals. I have a teaching moment. And each time, I shake my head at my child’s innocence lost. I wonder, what are those parents thinking? Can’t children just be children and not thrown into adult conversations and adult worries? My decision to place my children in a Lutheran school starting with kindergarten is reinforced each and everytime. Not that I believe this will be the absolute solution to this problem, but it will certainly help solve it.

On one hand, I wish I wouldn’t have to have talks with my daughter so young on some of these topics but,on the other hand, I’m grateful. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to teach my children about right and wrong. I have the opportunity to tell my child about God and God’s love. I pray that I will continue to recognize the opportunity to witness to my children. I pray for ongoing wisdom to know how to address these issues appropriately.

Has your child said something that made you wonder where she’d learned it? How did you address this?