So we have these shoes.


There’s nothing wrong with them. They are hand-me-downs. My daughter won’t wear them because they’re boys. My son won’t wear them because, well, I don’t know why. I think because his sister won’t.

He had to wear them last week because he urinated in his other shoes. We’re potty training. It was right before leaving for daycare. There was no time to clean and dry them. So, he was forced. Yes, forced, to wear them. He was quite unhappy about it. I told him he couldn’t go outside and to daycare without shoes on his feet. Later that day I spoke with his daycare provider and asked if he’d complained about his shoes.

That’s when I learned how much he disliked those silly, brown shoes. They’d come inside from playing and my Little Guy was walking around without any shoes on. The teacher asked him where they were. He told her he’d thrown them away. And, sure enough, he had. She took them out of the garbage, cleaned them off and put them back on his feet.

Yes, he dislikes those shoes so much he threw them away. Simple as that. He waited until he’d gone outside in the afternoon to play. Then, once the usefulness of the shoes was over, he ditched them.

This got me thinking. Thinking about things in my life that may have reached beyond its usefulness. I should be like my kiddo and toss those things. Yet, I hold on to them. We’ve been slowly cleaning out our house. We’ve been sorting and either tossing items or sending them to Goodwill and consignments. We have a long ways to go before our house will be completely de-cluttered.

I think about taking this a step further. What can I throw-out that I no longer need to do? What’s eating up my time? What activities are still in my life that’s outlived its usefulness? What negative emotions or thoughts are sitting there and need to be recycled? Are there things I could stop doing or throw away? How about you? Do you have “shoes” you can throw away?