Our family, ok…I, decided to have a garden this year. We really wanted one last year but had a lack of time to do it. Plus we were hoping to move this summer and wasn’t certain that a garden would help us move. So, we put it off. Now that we’ve relooked at our finances and re-evaluated the housing market, we’ve decided to go on a 3 year plan. Not wanting to put off gardening for 3 plus years, we, OK me, decided this would be the year!

We do have a small flowering area in the front of our house and then along the side we usually plant a few flowers and plants. And, yes, they do get overgrown a bit with weeds. So, I don’t expect my garden will be perfect. But, I’m very excited to begin growing some of our own food. Growing-up there was always a garden. I didn’t do a lot of the work in the garden but certainly helped plant and then harvest- you know, the fun parts. I’m not a huge fan of dirt and certainly not a big fan of the things that LIVE in dirt. But, I do love the idea of my veggies!

We are going to be on vacation over the next week and won’t be able to actually get our hands dirt (eww…) until we return. But that hasn’t stopped me from moving forward. I now have a hand tiller so when we get back I can plot out my territory. The seeds were on sale so I bought a few of those too. So far I’ll be growing: Carrots, Cucumbers, Herbs, Tomatoes, and marigolds. I originally thought I’d grow the tomatoes from plants. However, I realize how cheap seeds are and that I could start them inside while I was gone. The Marigold are for keeping the bunnies away. I hope that works!

I found this nifty little plant starter kit at  Menards. We had a family activity to plan the seeds in here. It has 36 slots. The kids loved playing in the dirt, I’m not sure I’d call them helpful…..Anyways, it self waters for up to 10 days which is perfect because I’ll refill up the water tomorrow night and it should be good until our return.

Here’s the nifty little self-watering plant starter: