Our vacation didn’t start out smooth. In fact, if I were a superstitious person, I would think that this vacation wasn’t exactly meant to be. However, I’m not and since arriving at our destination we’ve been having a good time. Here’s a few of the rocky starts to this vacation.

1) Forgot the wedding clothes (which the purpose of the vacation)

2) New Portable DVD player stopped working before we left our driveway

3) Toddler vomited on me in the Walmart parking lot

4) The only girls bathroom not being cleaned at Walmart was in the BACK of the store

5) A potty-training toddler can pee so much he can overload a pull-up and wet his pants 4 times even with stopping every 2 hours to potty
This bumpy start to our vacation taught me a few things:

1) Our kids CAN travel without a DVD player.

2) Always have a handy bag of “extra clothes”.

3) Flexibility is so very important.

4) A toddler covered in vomit will still elicit an “He’s so cute”, Roll with it!

5) Being silly in the car is still the best entertainment for the family, with I Spy being a close second.

Here are a few quick pictures of our first day, the more fun pictures. The non-vomit pictures.

20130421_112419 20130420_133736 20130420_133742 20130420_133506