Yesterday’s big adventure was the transportation museum. It was a lot of fun. Before we could leave for the museum we had a bit of drama attempting to remove a splinter from my daughter’s hand. She still has the splinter. We gave up trying to get it out and moved on to more fun things.

The kids loved the transportation museum. It wasn’t very crowded, I’m guessing because it was a week day. They were most in love with the trains. They had several old trains which we were able to get on and explore. That was really cool. The kids liked the climbing in and out and we enjoyed seeing the inside of the old trains. Although it focused mostly on trains, since it was a transportation museum there were other things there as well. There was an old school bus which had benches running front to back,  model airplanes, antique cares, etc.

There was a lot of information about the different forms of transportation. It was fun reading the background information. Unfortunately the kids weren’t as interested in the information. They were mostly interested in the things they could move and that moved. Thankfully there were a lot of interactive areas. The kids could put on a fireman’s suite and put together puzzles. They especially liked the large model train that moved through the mountains.

I would highly recommend if you ever make to Virginia to check out the transportation museum. I believe it would appeal to several ages since there’s the hands-on toddler stuff and lots of educational parts.

Here’s a few pictures from the museum.

20130424_144911 (1) 20130424_144926 20130424_144918 20130424_145028