Howdy book lovers! I feel like I’ve slown down some in my reading now that summer’s arrived. The later sunsets lead to my kids staying up a bit later and the nice weather insists our family play outside until bedtime. So, it is inevitable and completely out of my control that my reading time gets drastically cut short! I’m completely not to blame!

Well, enough of those silly excuses and on to the book review!

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Gone South by Meg Moseley

Lititia (Tish for short) McComb has a love for her family history and older costume jewelry. She recently inherited old family letters written by and to her name sake. On her way back to Michigan from settling her mom into her new place in Florida, Tish stops by the old McComb house in Noble Alabama where her namesake lived. With-in the short visit she falls in love with the old house and offers to buy it. With high hopes she quits her job and moves into her new house.

Once in Noble, her life doesn’t seem to be going in the planned direction. She quickly learns the McCombs are not welcomed in town because of town history.  Her path crosses with Mel, an immature young adult who has a history of trouble. Drawn to Mel, Tish invites her to stay with her and becomes Mel’s mentor. The only other people in Noble who willingly befriends the two are George and Calv whose original desire to rent Tish’s garage soon develops into friendship.

This book was very well-written. It had great depth and the characters were likable and realistic. Growing-up in a small town, it’s believable that people could hold on to grudges for a very long time. It’s a great reminder to consider and contemplate what beliefs you are holding on to. It’s a good remainder to not judge people by rumors. The character Mel can border on annoying. However, I believe the author did a good job of knowing when to stop. She took Mel right up to the annoying and then stopped. In my opinion, that is a sign of a good author. I truly enjoyed reading this book.

The downfalls to the book are few. I do wish there was a bit more on Tish’s father. He appears throughout the book through Tish’s retelling of stories. However, I really wanted to get to know the man a bit better. I also wish her mother was a bit more involved. I found it odd that they were described as being very close, but she didn’t call her mom for quite some time while in the new town. That seemed a bit odd since several people I know who are extremely close to their mom talk daily to her. Even if the conversations weren’t specific, it seems to me they would’ve talked much more frequently.

Overall, this was a great book and worth reading. It’s a great story of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

This book receives 5/5 bookends

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