The book club this month has chosen A Woman after God’s Own Heart. I’ve not completed it, so a full review will be posted later. However, I really want to share with you how wonderful this book is. So far, I would recommend it to any Christian woman getting married or already married. It helps to refocus our thoughts on being a wife and what that means.

Right now I’m reading the part of the book about submission. Oh how I hated that word so many years ago when I was first married. I hated the thought that somehow I’d lose my independence. I even asked for it to be left out of our vows. Afterall, I was n’t going to promise something I had no intention of doing.

As I’ve aged and we’ve grown in our married life, I’ve fallen into a routine that very much seems natural to me. I and my husband work as a team- this is especially important since we both work! I’ve naturally fallen into the role of caregiver for my children and running the household. I enjoy caring for my husband and making sure his needs are met. I feel contentment when I know I’ve done something to help his day go smoother. I truly feel like I am his helper.

I’ve also let him take the lead in most decisions. That has not come easy for me. I was after all, very independent. As I’ve let go of the reins and let him make those big decisions I’ve felt less stress. I know my opinion matters and I have the opportunity to voice an opinion. But ultimately, he makes the final decision. And you know what, he does a great job leading our family. He puts our family’s needs first. He contemplates everything and comes up with plans to get us where we need to be. This job has been so much easier now that I’ve stopped trying to force my way on decisions. I feel confident that he hears my voice. I know he will make the right choice for us.

What I’ve found reading this book is, what I’m doing is submission to my husband. The thing I hated so much as a young person getting married, I am naturally doing. I have been given better understanding of what it truly means to be submissive and was astonished to find out, it came naturally to me. Not only that, but I didn’t lose my independence. As I reflect more on it, I think many of us are submissive and just don’t realize it.

Now, I’m not perfect and the book did show I’ve got some ways to go in regards to submitting to my husband. I know have a much better understanding of what Biblical submission means and have some ways to do it.

Stay tuned for a full review of the book.

Are you submissive to your husband? Do you have a good understanding as to what that really means? What ways did you help your husband today?