We had our first garden this last summer. It was quite the experience and I completely enjoyed it. My family had a lot of fun growing and eating. In fact, now my kids want to save every single seed they come upon. We have enough pumpkin seeds to grow a small pumpkin patch next year. We have several apple seeds to grow half-a-dozen apple trees. Problem is, we live in a city so we don’t have the room to have a pumpkin patch or a orchard! I do love their enthusiasm and the learning that has taken place.

We’ve not taken down and cleaned out the garden. As I look back over last summer, I know I’ve learned a lot. As I look forward to next year, I know I’ve got a few things to change.


Lessons Learned:

Boy has this first year taught me a few things! Here’s a quick list of lessons I learned:

1) Start planting earlier- middle of May

2) Inside sprouting happens very quickly- within a week!

3) Consider plant shading when planting- my tomatoes were overshaded by my cucumbers

4) Herbs are better inside- none of my herbs grew 😦

5) Non-organic seeds grew better- non of the organic seeds grew

Changes for next year:

1) Will plant my tomatoes and cucumbers further away from each other

2) Will plant more tomatoes and cucumbers

3)  Will have 1 child at a time helping with planting the seeds

4) Will plant squash

5) Will use a wooden bed (if I can get my husband on board with this!)

Did you do a garden this year? What lessons did you learn? What do you plan to do differently next year? I’d love to hear from you, so please share any gardening tips you have.