Double Minds by Terry Blackstock  was the book club book of the month. I’ll admit this would not have been a book I would’ve had chosen mostly because I’ve not read a mystery in a long time. With that being said, I’m super glad the book club chose it and I read it. It was a pretty good light read. Double Minds tells the story of Parker a Christian songwriter and aspiring vocalist. Her best friend Serene is a raising Christian star on the verge of signing a record deal with a secular label. The story starts with a murder at Colgate studio where Parker works and Serene records.

This story wonderfully weaves a story of self-discovery and growth. The story is a great reminder that even Christian’s aren’t perfect and have faults. The title Double Minds applies expertly to many of the books characters. Overall I really enjoyed this story.

I saw two downfalls to the story. The first one is the awkward transition from not on tour to tour and the transfer of money to Parker from Tiffany. The other downfall was the number of errors on the Kindle version. I’m one to hardly ever notice and/0r to provide a bad review for a few errors in a Kindle version. This book was horrible. Almost every time the word Christian was written Chris was before it. For example, it would say “the Chris Christian music industry”. That got very annoying to read over and over. The book also didn’t divide up conversations appropriate running different people’s statements together. This made parts of the book very confusing. Overall, the story is good.

I recommend reading but get it in hardcopy not on the Kindle. I would recommend it to anyone who liked Christian novels and Mysteries. This author is a Christian author and there are (obviously) Christian themes and conversations in the book. If those things put you off, you probably won’t want to read it.

IF reviewing simply the story I would give it 4 out 5 bookends, if I were reviewing simply the kindle version (considering typos and formatting issues), I would give it a 2 out of 5 of bookends.

What have you been reading lately? Anything good? I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Reading!