The Amish Blacksmith by Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner

This book tells the story of Jake who works in the Kinsinger’s blacksmith shop shoeing horses. He has a great skill as calming troubled horses. He is able to stay in a small home on the  land and often eats meals with their family. When the troubled Priscilla Kinsinger returns, Jake is asked to help her adjust and introduce her to other’s. Amanda, Jake’s girlfriend, helps to take Priscilla under her wing. As Jake uncovers more about Priscilla’s past, he finds himself drawn to her. He finds himself not just obligated to help her readjust, but truly wanting to.

This book provides insight to the Amish way of life. As you read the story, you learn more about the desire to know God’s will. The characters demonstrate their faith by spending time evaluating what God wants for them. The authors share knowledge and insight to caring for horses. And, they contrasts the difference between Amish horses and Englisher’s horses.

I found this book to be a wonderful book. I enjoyed the male point of view. So few books are geared toward female readers but are written from the male point of view. I enjoyed the overall theme of the book: letting God guide our lives. I loved the knowledge and insight the other’s brought to the book on the Amish lifestyle and on horses. Furthermore, I enjoyed how the book contrasted the difference between the Amish lifestyle and the Englisher lifestyle without passing judgement on either.

The one downfall I found with the book, is it seemed to lag in places. Although, it kept my interest, I did think the pace could’ve picked up in places.

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed Christian novels or Amish novels.

I give this book a 5 out 5 bookends.

I received this book for free from for an honest review.