My little guy has multiple food allergies and all of his deserts must be vegan due to egg and milk allergies. When this book came up as a review, I jumped on it. And I must say, I am quite glad I did.

9781607745457 (130×202)

Vegan Ice Cream: Over 90 sinfully delicious dairy-free delights by: Jeff Rogers

This book provides recipes and directions for vegan ice cream. The book has four main sections: basic, ice cream, raw ice cream, and sauces. The Basics breaks down ice cream making by ingredients and tools. It really makes the process seem simple. The next two sections include recipes.

I tried two of the recipes. We were somewhat limited on the ones I could try due to a nut allergy. However the two we tried turn out great! The ice cream had a wonderful fresh flavor. My son really enjoyed it. THe texture was quite the same as ice cream. However, I have just a little ice cream maker that you freeze and squeeze. So I think one would get a better texture from a more traditional ice cream maker.

I truly enjoyed this book. The recipes turned out great. The organization was easy to follow. I will be trying more recipes soon! I recommend this book to anyone interested in making their own vegan ice cream. IF you have a nut allergy or avoid nuts, you will find the recipes somewhat limiting.

I give this book 5 out of 5 bookends.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. To read more about this book, check out this link.