This book was one of our book club selections. Personally I was drawn to it because of its Iowa ties. I love reading about amazing things Iowans do! I learned so much from this book. I had not realized or given much thought to Japanese prison camps during WWII. Especially very little thought about the woman and children stuck in those camps.


Evidence Not Seen: A woman’s miraculous faith in the jungles of world war II by: Darlene Deibler Rose

Darlene was a newly wed young woman who arrived with her husband in the East Indies for her first mission trip. Her husband was a seasoned missionary and she was excited to join him. What happened the years that followed including her time in a Japanese prison camp will change her and her fellow captives forever.

This book was amazing! The book contains multiple examples of true miracles and God’s responding to prayers. Some of those direct answers were after years of eating rice and being at her lowest point, she prayed for bananas and received bananas. Another was a woman whose foot was severely infected with the tall tale signs of red streaking was healed. Her witnessing her faith to a mean and violent man who had a softened heart. And that’s just a few of the numerous examples.

This book not only provided an example of God’s power but it also helped me with increased knowledge of World War II. Personally I had very little knowledge of prison camps and, seriously, hadn’t realized woman and children were caught up in them. The book provides first hand knowledge to a war that many are now far enough removed they don’t have family members telling them about it.

The book is written in a lecture style.The language isn’t laid back enough for me to think of it as conversational. At first, it seemed bit cold and factual. However, as she continued to tell her story, the strength of her faith and emotional connection really came out. As I read more into the book, I became more connected to the story. I needed tissues in several chapters.

This book was a great read one that will  not only provide a brief history lesson but will also tug at your heart. I would recommend this to anyone interested in World War II, missionary work, faith, and miracles.

On a scale of 1-5 bookends, I give this one 4.5