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Infuse Oil, Spirit, and Water by Eric Prum & Josh Williams

Infusing water has become a fast growing trend. Many people enjoy the naturally flavored waters. I have friends who keep a jug of infused water in their fridge regularly. So when I had the option to red a book full of information on infusing, I jumped on board. Prior to reading this book and approached infusing timidly assuming it was a fad that would quickly go away. I know however, I am quite intrigued and find it an excellent solution to not enjoying drinking water plain.

Prum and Williams provide some of their recipes and provides the process for infusing water. It breaks down the process so you know what tools you need and the amount of time invested. This book takes infusing from water to oils for salad dressing and alcoholic beverages.

The book is well-written and smartly organized allowing for the reader to easily find recipes. I also like the flap of the cover to mark your place. This book could be read by a beginner infuser as it does break down the process in easy to follow instructions. I also love that this book doesn’t just stick to infusing water. It really allows a seasoned infuser to go to the next level.

I would recommend this book to individuals interested in infusing, as well as, individuals interested in taking infusing beyond water.

Overall, I give this book a 5 out 5 bookends.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publishers for an honest review.

Let me know, have you tried infusing? Do you have a favorite recipe or book? I’d love to hear from you.

So this year has been beyond crazy and stressful. It’s also been an amazing year of growth for me. This year will be know as the year I tested myself and pursued a dream. It will also be know as the year of death and sadness.

In the spring, Joe, my father passed away. It was such an odd emotional experience for me. I and my father had a strained relationship to say the least. We spoke minimally and only when it revolved around my mom’s care. I was saddened because of the loss of a relationship that will never be. I was sad because, part of me, really wanted resolution to some of our issues. I knew our relationship would never be close and he would never be in my children’s lives. But I wanted to feel like if we saw each other in public or at an event, we’d acknowledge each other. That was now never going to happen. I also found myself very angry. I was angry when people told me he was a wonderful man.

Approximately two months after his passing, I started a nurse practitioner program. The decision to pursue my NP has been one I’ve wrestled with for a while. I prayed about it, and ultimately decided it was a good time to go back. The summer classes were killer, Advance Pathophysiology and Healthcare Statistics. This second semester has been much better. I have my MSN so I had some ideas on how this would play out, but seriously, there’s a reason people do this when they’re younger!

Then basically 5 months to the date, my mom died. I was surprised. I and my mom were close. We talked weekly and I managed all of her medical needs. I arranged everything for her. She was living in a nursing home and had been on hospice 5 years ago. Her health had been good for the most part. But cognitively she wasn’t there. Even though it had been a few years since she recognized me as her daughter, she always knew I and my children were important to her. Despite feeling like my mom had left years ago, I was still very emotional about my loss. Even now, months after she’s been gone, I find myself wishing she was here. I’m not sure that will ever go away.

Since the death of my mom, I’ve also had the death of an aunt on my father’s side and a dear friend from nursing school. So, as you can see this year has been a challenging one. I, however, view life as a chance to grow and learn. I know I could easily look at this and dwell on all the stress and problems. However, I refuse to do this. I will stay positive and focus on the amazing things going on in my life.