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Monthly Archives: October 2016

I know this Stitch Fix box thing isn’t new. I know there are tons of Stitch Fix reveal vlogs out there. However, after months (literally) of contemplating it, I ordered my first box. Part of the reason I struggled with deciding to order one is because of the size cut-off. It only went up to size 14. And, well, I’m just a bit too big for that. Pants I’m a 16 and my shirt size varies between  a L and a XL completely depending on cut. So, you see, I didn’t want to order a box just to waste 20 bucks!

But here’s the thing, sometime between late summer/early fall and now (October), they’ve increased their sizing! Its no up to size 18 pants and XXL. So I say, “Thank-you Stitch-fix!” After I noticed that, without much hesitation, I ordered my first box.

Probably one of the biggest things I was told by “expert” stitchers was to give it a couple of boxes to allow the stylist get to know my style. It was recommended to do several month’s of boxes and then cut down if I wanted. I went into this expecting just an “OK” box for my first one.

Boy was I surprised! I got a great first box. I ended up keeping all the items. I asked my stylist to give me clothes I could layer. I received 3 shirts and one sweater that will be perfect for this. I was also furthered surprised to find a pair of jeans that fit and felt very comfy.

I will say, its not the cheapest way to shop but I look as it I’m paying for the convenience. I won’t be able to do it EVERY month but I’m hoping to do it for a few months and then switch to doing it a couple times seasonally.

Here’s what was in my box:

Have you tried Stitch Fix? I would love to hear about your success stories. What do you think about the items I received?

If you’d like to check it out follow this link: