Sometimes things happen and I realize how much of a geek I am. For example, anytime anyone or any company talks about a “Golden Ticket” I get super excited! Like I can’t help but want to participate it. Its silly, I know. It always reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory….you know the golden ticket to chocolate factory. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if its the thought of chocolate or if its my love of that movie, but I love golden tickets!!

So, much to my pleasure, Stitch Fix is putting golden tickets in all the boxes they send out the month of December! What does this mean? It means you have the chance to win prizes with the biggest prize of  free clothes for a year! Personally, I’ll be excited to win a gift card but would be stoked to win the free clothes for a year!  The more boxes you order the more tickets you’ll get (one ticket per box. So two boxes = 2tickets).

This makes it a great time to try out Stitch Fix or to order one if its been a while!

You can follow THIS LINK to sign-up if you’ve not ordered before. In full disclosure this does give me a credit. Of course, if you get your box, you are not obligated to keep anything and can return all the clothes for the cost of the styling fee.

If you want to see my first two boxes you can check out these links: STITCH FIX 1  and STITCH FIX 2.

Anyways! I wanted to share that AWESOME news. Let me know if you Stitch Fix and what you’ve gotten and loved! Let me know too what prize you win off your Golden Ticket!