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Monthly Archives: January 2017

First, I want to say I’m not a big make-up person. I typically wear it for special events only. However, recently, I’ve been exploring make-up more. Part of this is the realization, I will start interviewing for a nurse practitioner positions and should look put together for those interviews. I also thought it would be nice to be able to wear a little make up daily.

So with that said, when I received a Facebook invite for a LipSense party, I decided to check it out. For those who have not heard of LipSense. It is sold by SeneGence and is a long lasting and non-smudging lipstick. It is a lipstick system, meaning you need to purchase 3 items initially. The first item being the color/lipstick. The second, gloss and third, oops remover.


The above picture is me wearing a neural color.

How it works

You put on the color, one thin layer at a time. Its important to start in the corner of your mouth, always go one direction, and let it dry in between the 3 layers. You need to not rub or lips together or let them touch while doing this. Once the layers have dried, you can apply the gloss. The gloss is not nearly as particular, you can apply it as regular lip gloss. The Oops remover is for any little errors that you may make during the application.


Once its dried and the gloss is put on, the lipstick becomes smudge proof, nontransferable, and smear proof. It really is pretty amazing. It’s also water proof. Twice now I’ve take a quick shower and my lipstick is still on and looks amazing. I’ve also fallen asleep with it on and woke-up with amazing looking lips. It also comes in a lot of colors so everyone can find one that suits them. Since it’s a layering system, you can go further and create other colors by layer different colors. That’s pretty fun. I only own one color right now but I plan to try it out as I add more colors.


The first con is a slight burning sensation the first time you use it as it goes on due to the alcohol content. I only noticed the first time I applied it. It seems to have gone away with subsequent applications. The second drawback is the perfume smell and resulting taste. Ultimately, it didn’t bother THAT much and really wore off pretty quickly. However, if you’re someone that perfumes bother you, it may be a bit more annoying. The second is the initial exfoliation that occurs. For me, I don’t wear a lot of chapstick or lipstick so it wasn’t horrible. However, I’ve heard some have had it more if they wore it more often. Again, not necessarily a deal breaker, but a drawback for sure. The final drawback is you can not buy it at a store but need to know someone who sells it. I’m not a fan of MLMs. However, there are some products I frequently purchase from MLMs because their products are that good. This is will be one of them.

The Cost

Initially the cost is a bit pricey. You need to buy a starter kit which includes lip color, gloss, and Oops Remover. That total cost is $55. After you purchase the starter kit, you can purchase additional colors for $25 , gloss for $20, and the Oops Remover for $10.

I would like to say this is 100% worth the try. However, knowing its a bit pricey, I would say if you typically wear lipstick or enjoy make-up, it is 100% worth it! However, if you’re someone who doesn’t wear a lot make-up or the smudging doesn’t bother or you’re sensitive to smells; you may want to be cautious. I still do believe its worth a try, because I strongly believe if you can make it through the exfoliation period, you will love this. My color is a more neutral color since I wasn’t certain I would like it and I tend toward browner toned colors. I have worn it with no other make-up and it looks fine. You don’t have to do all your face to wear it.

I would love to hear from you. Have you tried LipSense? If so did you love it? Do you have another long-lasting, smudge proof lipstick you love?