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Monthly Archives: March 2017

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had a fix. I was pretty excited to find it sitting on my doorstep yesterday. I always rush in and open it. Its like Christmas anytime during the year.

We are travelling next month for a combined my graduation and mini family vacation. This time I specifically asked for a dress for graduation and something to wear for possible meet-ups with other students. My personal shopper’s name is Jin and she’s amazing. She reads my comments and looks through my Pinterest page. I love that what i pin and comment on is actually used for what she sends me.

I didn’t keep everything this time. Honestly, it wasn’t because I didn’t care for the items. It was rather more because of the fit. Dresses are difficult for me to find that fit me well. I’m a pear. And so finding dresses that fit my top and then doesn’t always fit the bottom. And I hate when the dress isn’t long enough that when I sit it slips up so I’m not sitting on the dress.

With out further delay, here is what i received:

20170317_164317This is the 41 Hawthorne Carla Crochet Detail Blouse. I love this blouse. I feel like I can pair it with either dress pants and go to work or slip on some jeans and head out for dinner The downfall to this top was it was a little lower cut for me. I may need to put a tank on underneath. The price for this piece is $58.

20170317_164403This second piece is the RD Style Union Open Drape Cardigan. Its a nice basic black cardigan. I know I’ll be able to use it with several of my current clothes. I love that. The prices for this one was $58. So, a little pricey for what it is.

20170317_164515I could hardly hold my excitement when I saw these jeans. I don’t have anything in this style and I love the holes. It is the Mavi Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jeans and was priced at $98. Sadly these jeans were entirely too small. But, I now Know that I need a pair this style.

20170317_164543Oh my! Beautiful dress! I loved the print and rich colors of this dress. I was excited to maybe wear this to graduation. This dress is the Maggy Landon Henrietta Dress and is priced at $118. Boy did I want that dress. Unfortunately it was too tight when I tried it on. it also inched up when I sat. As I mentioned above, that is not something I like.

20170317_164712The last item was a Navy dress with a white rope design. It is a wrap dress and was very pretty. It is very pretty and so comfortable to wear. This would be great for casual evening out. I felt it was maybe a little big maybe especially in the chest. I was also a bit concerned, with the material, it may stretch out. This dress is by Sade New  York and called Martey Knit wrap Dress. It was priced at $78.

The total was $410, minus $102.50 if I bought all the pieces. That minus the pre-paid styling fee, my total for all 5 pieces would be 287.50.

As you can see, I got some really great pieces. unfortunately, a couple didn’t fit well. Knowing I wasn’t buying all 5 pieces, I opted to only get two that I knew I would love and use a lot. I ended up keeping the 41 Hawthorne shirt and the black cardigan. I’m looking forward to adding this into my wardrobe.

If you want to try out Stitch Fix, follow my LINK. When you get your firs box, i will get a discount on my next order.

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