I’ve been following the diet now since Jan 1, so about 12 days. On Jan 10th, I weighed in for the diet challenge at work. When I read reviews of the diet, the biggest impression I read was not to expect BIG weight-loss. Rather, I should expect slow loss.  Being in the medical field, slow weight loss does now worry me. In fact, I prefer slower weight loss for a better long-term weight maintenance.

So, with some anxiety, I stepped on the scale. I was quite pleased with my weight-loss. I was down approximately 4 pounds or 1.71%. When I started this, my goal was to lose 5 pounds during the challenge. This would average approximately .5-1 pound per week. I almost met this goal in 10 days. Now, I know and expect I won’t have as big of a weight loss in future weeks. But this was a great way to start the year!

Pleased with my progress, you may be wondering how satisfied I feel with the food I’ve eaten in the last 12 days. Following the diet is quite easy. I have so many free food options which means I’m not spending my day documenting every bite I take. I also have multiple food options to grab and eat if I were in need of a snack. I have not felt hungry this week which is very nice considering I’m dieting.

The potential for abusing the system is possible. I tend to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I enjoy them and am eating more of it. It would be possible to eat fruits and vegetables and then using the daily and weekly points for junk. I’m not doing this but I could see if one did not manage their points or tried to eat all of their points, you may not lose any weight.

Overall thoughts, I’m quite satisfied with my weight loss. To make the diet work, you have to manage your intake and not focus on eating all the points.