I am a day late for my post. We had a great family weekend. It was hard on the diet though. Saturday we went to Jurassic Quest. We had lunch there and it only had a fried food options. I did get the “best” option which was a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. I could have gotten fruit but for convenience purposes I got the basket. I also made lasagna on Saturday and ate it for supper on Sunday as well. On Sunday, I took my little guy to a birthday party at a trampoline place and declined pizza and a brownie. That is a great victory. I use to to be the one who felt guilty turning down food.

I also started getting on my treadmill again. Its been about 2 years since I ran regularly. I use to run regularly and completed a couple of 1/2 marathons. Now, I’m not running. I am not close to being able to run. But I am getting on and walking 15 minutes at around speed 3. The first day, my IT band got so tight. If that doesn’t state how out of shape I am, I’m not sure what would!

With all that, from Friday to today, I gained 1 pound. I’m taking that as a win. I am also taking as a win, on Friday, I moved into second place at the work weight-loss challenge. If I can manage to keep it, I will be excited. Its a pretty tight race right now. In order to get into 1st place, I need to lose 1%. Which as my husband points out, wouldn’t be hard. I think it ends up being about 1 pound.  We’ll see how I do.

What I learned this week

It may be challenging, but I can do family activities and stay on track. It does take some planning and maybe adjusting my eating before and after the event. However, I can still spend all day at a child event with poor eating options. I just need to make good choices. Part of what kept me from having the motivation to lose weight was the difficulty of still doing the fun things with my kids. But I skipped having a sweet treat with the kids and made better (not perfect) choices for lunch.

What could have gone better

I had cravings this week. I wanted something to snack on that wasn’t fruit. I didn’t have much in the house that wasn’t going to kill me on points. I am not certain what I could eat that is lower on points. I need to finger that out this week.

This weeks plan

This week, I will continue on the treadmill. I will stay at 15 mins this week. Hopefully, next week I can bump that up to 20 minutes. I will find a snack food that I can keep in the house to help with my cravings. I will also continue to work on my eating. I did splurge a bit last week. I would love to lose the pound I gained over the weekend and one additional pound. I am, as of this post 3.4 pounds away from being below my second goal. I would love to hit that goal in the next two weeks.

How’s your diet going so far? Anything you’ve learned this week? Any good snack ideas? Please share!