Doing the best she can to raise happy, healthy children

The story behind Tales of a Working Mom:

I read a lot. I read everything from parenting blogs, to novels, books, online news papers. Pretty much if it has words on it and crosses my path, I’ll read. I really like reading blogs and other parents’ experiences. What I’ve found is that so many bloggers are stay at home moms. Although the information is fun to read, it is sometimes hard to connect to or implement their ideas because, well, its different being a working mom. Working moms have different schedules, different needs, and different pulls and tugs on our time. Not that either way is wrong or right, it’s just a different experience. I’ve found I need to connect to other woman who are working and raising a family.

Enter Tales of the Working Mom. My goal/wish is to share my experiences in parenting. I’m not perfect, you won’t find the “right” way to raise your children (as I feel every family is unique). I’m always looking for new ideas, new ways to develop as a mom and wife. That’s what I’m planning to write about, my journey as a working mom. I do hope you will find support, ideas, or just some good conversation. Please feel free to share your ideas or thoughts, I’ll love hearing from you.

So, let’s start! Grab your cup o’joe or a drink of choice, have a seat, and let’s chat!

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