Doing the best she can to raise happy, healthy children

Here is where you can find links to specific series.  I will add more series as they develop. Some may be short series or the ongoing ones. Enjoy a quick way to explore my blog and topics your interested in!

The Family Dinner

The family dinner is a tradition slowly disappearing. It is important to me. This blog series discusses the family and provides ideas/tips to help you implement it in your house.

The Family Dinner

The Family Dinner: Preperation


My Legacy

What legacy are you leaving behind? What does that legacy say about you? How can you influence it and work on a purposeful legacy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Every mom knows parenting has its challenges. This series talks about things we can embrace and make parenting a bit easier





Thrifty Thursday

This includes blogs focused on saving money. It includes products and ideas to make the dollar go a bit further.

Tube Squeezer 

Bulk Shopping

DIY: Gift Baskets

Let’s Date


Organize it!

A series of blogs focused on keeping an organized house. It includes entries on household organization as well as general tips and ideas on running a household.

Small toys/Crayons

Be Prepared!

An ongoing blog series on how I prepare my family for natural disasters or world events. Its a realistic way to help you feel more prepared.

It took one game

How I ended up with my conceal carry

Product Review: Conceal Carry

Food Storage Made Easy

5 things you already do



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