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It’s now the day after Christmas (when I’m writing this, probably a couple of days after by the time I post it). All the presents are opened with gifts strewn throughout the house. The kids played so hard yesterday, they fell asleep within minutes. The only thing left undone was the pumpkin pie wasn’t cut and eaten. So, now, we have a great dessert following dinner tonight.

Sitting watching my kids laying on the floor in their new sleeping bags watching a movie, I’m contemplating what actually makes a successful Christmas. Is it getting everything on your list? Is it family time? Is it the Christmas Ham/Duck/Turkey? Is it watching your favorite Christmas show? How about navigating family events without major confrontations?

I would say all of this is nice and comforting. However, for me, a successful Christmas includes several things. First and for most is taking time to thank God for all his gifts. Gifts of grace, forgiveness, and salvation. Plenty of family time. I and my husband was off for Christmas Eve and I’m off today. We’ve made and decorated Christmas cookies, completed art projects, talked about the reason for the season, and did “nothing” together. Third part of a successful Christmas is gift exchange. To me there’s something about watching a very excited son/daughter opening up  his/her present and finding exactly what they wanted. For me its the giving of presents that is exciting, not the receiving. Although, I did get almost everything on my list and am very grateful.

Was this year a successful Christmas? Absolutely!

Here’s a few pictures of our activities over the holidays:


Wreath cookies/treats made for our family Christmas


Christmas cookies decorated on Christmas Eve. The kids picked one each to leave for Santa. They had a blast but I quickly realized with all the candy options Santa was going to have a sugar high!


I apparently had a sweet tooth because I made these Vegan and allergy-free cookies a week before Christmas


Since my son has multiple severe food allergies, I make the kids’ chocolate goodies. Each of the kids got one bag of chocolate in their stockings.


I was home from work with the kids the day after Christmas and we made these little trees as an art project. Never mind my inability to create two trees the same, they loved the craft. It was a good reminder that I must be better at doing crafts with them more!

How was your Christmas? Was it a success? What makes your Christmas a success?

My two year-old son came home with homework last weekend. Yup, a two year-old with home work from daycare. Seem weird to you? It was weird for me too. However, I was grateful for it as it gave us a craft to do. The homework was quite simple, a stocking drawn on a white piece of paper. The directions to decorate the stocking. Seeing the assignment it reminded me when I was in elementary school and we made the red construction paper stockings with the cotton puffs on the top. We used glitter to decorate the stocking part and cotton puffs along the top.

So my daughter could also participate, my husband drew her a stocking. I’d purchased what I’d thought was plain glitter which turned out to be glitter glue. This made it much easier for the kids and gave them more control over the actual decorating. Unfortunately, it took a bit of my control away. I’d planned on marking out the design with glue and then letting the kiddos put the glitter on. The result was clumps of glitter in spots and some areas with absolutely nothing. They had a blast and I loved the end project.

Since completing this, I plan on doing many more glue/glitter art projects in the future!

A few pictures


First step: glue on the puff balls



Second Step: Add Glitter


Yesterday was  the preschool fall party and I signed up for do the craft for the party. I do love arts and crafts and like to consider myself crafty. My husband, now he’s an artist for real, his college degree is in fine art and graphic design. Since he’s actually trained in art, I sometimes get a bit, well, self-conscious about my creativity. Since I know what he’s capable of, I just say I’m crafty.

Anyways, back on topic, I signed up for this art project two plus months ago. I was super excited to find something for them to do. So, of course I started searching and saving everything I could find on my Pinterest.  I spent the last two months slowly gathering up supplies and did nothing to prepare until the night before the party night. Yeah. I can procrastinate with the best of them.

I’ll admit, last night at 11 pm when I and my husband (he’s a good sport when I get in over my head) finally finished the prep-work, I was have some fall party blues! Despite those blues, I believe the model one for the teachers and helpers to go off from today is pretty cute. I was hoping to include the one my four-year-old made at the party but she told me that they were drying in the class room.