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June and July are always a bit of a blur in this house. Everyone has a birthday except me during these months. And since I like to celebrate the kids actual birthday just as our immediate family, I end up preparing two birthday parties for each kid. Granted the one with just us, is much simpler. I still have to plan it. I really could simplify the birthdays more by not having a large party and the immediate family only party, but I love birthdays. They are the day a year that is all yours.

My daughter had her first birthday party for her friends. We invited all her daycare friends and had about 10 little kids and parents show-up. They had a blast! We had her party at a local park that has a carousel and wading pool. I also set out some outdoor toys for the kids play with. We then did a much smaller party with just our family on her birthday. She also took cupcakes to daycare on her birthday.

My son’s parties we’re Spiderman themed. We did cupcakes for his daycare class on his birthday so we ate those after supper as a family too. He also had a much larger party the weekend following his birthday. We invited mostly some family, his God parents, and then a few of our friends who have kids about his age. He had a lot of fun at his party.

Here’s a few pictures of cakes. I didn’t get a picture of my daughter’s cupcakes as they went to daycare. I didn’t make either her big cake or the cupcakes. I did make the cake for our family celebration and all of my son’s cakes (my son has multiple severe food allergies so I don’t have the luxury of buying his).

Here are a few pictures of the cakes:

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