Doing the best she can to raise happy, healthy children

I’m  30-something, wife to a wonderful husband, and mom of two very energetic kiddos. Being a mom is the most enjoyable and frustrating job I’ve ever attempted. I do work full-time from home so the kids do spend their days at a daycare center. I dreaded going back to work after my oldest was born. But now, I really do feel that this socialization is good for their development and it is the best option for our little family. I do miss them desperately while they’re there.

I am a nurse and work from home doing utilization review for an insurance company. I have a wide range of nursing background working in multiple levels of care including: home health, acute/hospital, skilled and long-term care. I went directly into nursing from high school earning my BSN. As we tried for my first child (took 3 years to conceive her), I earned  my MSN.

I am a Christian. I grew up going to church every Sunday. For the most of my childhood I attended a United Methodist Church but did spend some time in the Church of Latter Day Saints. Currently I and my family attend a Lutheran church. We pray before meals and at bedtime. My four year-old has memorized several Bible verses. Recently I’ve started spending more time reading and studying the Bible. I’m so amazed on how much there is to learn!

That’s a little bit about me, I look forward to getting to know you. Please feel free to comment on this page and introduce yourself.


Please feel free to contact me via email at 


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  1. Daniel Chong

    November 18, 2014 at 12:07 pm

    Hello Ruthie, I wandered into your blog serendipitously through Kelly Hess twitter page. I was intrigued by your bio, because I was once a devout christian myself. Anyway, you might find my book: Secrets of the White Lake interest to read, since one of the character in the book was a devout christian. You can read excerpts, bio and watch the movie trailer of my book on my website

    I hope to hear back from you, and may the lord bless you and your family.

    Daniel Chong

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