Doing the best she can to raise happy, healthy children

I can honestly say I’m not certain I follow any specific parenting style. We are a no spanking, no yelling household. I parent with compassion and love. I believe in mistakes and second chances. I believe in “I’m sorry” and forgiveness. I believe in time-outs. I use positive reinforcement for behavior modification. I give lots of hugs and kisses and tell my kids multiple times daily that they are loved and wanted. I do discipline the children but it is specific for the action and once its over, we move on.

You could say I’m a bit “crunchy” because I love baby wearing and make my food from scratch whenever possible. I’m a little attachment parenting because we don’t “cry it out” and the kids crawl into bed with us. You could even call me part Grace parenting as I believe one of the best ways to minister to our children is by showing them God’s love through compassion, forgiveness, and discipline (note not punishment).

Confusing is it? Probably a bit. Mostly, I try to parent in a way that feels natural and right. I do believe that listening to our instincts as parents will not guide us wrong. Intuition is one of our tools in the parenting toolbox.

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