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Its been a while since I’ve written an Embrace entry. Its also been a while since I’ve blogged regularly. Life has a way to pull and push us along. The constant pulling and pushing and pulling and pushing can help us lose track of time. And before we know it, its 1 month, 2 months or a whole year later.

Part of my pulling and pushing the last two years has been my education. I’m a huge fan of higher education. Not just college level to get more credentials behind a name, but really life-long learning. After all, some of the smartest and most interesting people are not officially college educated. Rather, they are people who take the time to learn about the things that interest them. They spend a lot of time reading. And they spend time talking to people who share the same opinions as them. And more important, they spend time talking with (not at) people who share different opinions.

I have been to college 3 times now. First to earn my RN, then a MSN and now finally my APRN. Each time has been had its own struggles. As a newly graduated 18 year-old my main struggle was me. I struggled with becoming a responsible adult. I obtained my MSN on a whim. Now looking back I think it was a way to be distracted from the fact we were not getting pregnant. I struggled then with balancing work, life and school. I struggled with an obsession to only get A’s (which I did). Now, as an older student (almost 40), I’ve obtained my APRN. I struggled with managing kids, work, school and a social life. I also had to accept I wasn’t going to get all A’s and that’s OK.

You see, despite the struggles in the end its 100% worth. it I’ve come out with a degree and some added life skills. I’ve gained a sense of accomplishment knowing I after all that hard work and sacrifices, I did it. You see, I accomplished something I set out to do. This confidence is only gained from setting a high goal and achieving it.

Too often I hear people say, they want to get a degree or attend a seminar but they just can’t find a way to make it work. I get it, in some circumstances, it really is an almost impossibility (note ALMOST). I know the struggle. I know how daunting and exhausting it can be to think about it. I know the challenges of adding one more thing into an already jam packed schedule. I also know first-hand how it feels to be working full-time and running the kids everywhere. I know the struggle of attempting to string a few sentences together on a few hours a sleep that sound intelligent.

But what I want to say to you. The overworked, tired and stressed out in a going-nowhere (or at least nowhere you want to be) job, you can do it. Embrace a bit of exhaustion and stress. Embrace the chaos. Embrace the education and accept the responsibility of learning. You can do it. If you want it, you will do it. You see, its 100% manageable. Maybe not always pretty, but its manageable.

If the college route isn’t for you. Continue to learn about the world. Read and explore your library. Find something that interests you and learn about it. Life-learning can make the mundane seem less so. It can open up new doors and new friendships.

Explore what you want in life. Then take that first leap of faith. Know you can do it. I’m here to tell you, IF I can DO IT, YOU can too. Embrace education.


Go, Kids, Go!

We went to see the movie Wreck it Ralph last weekend. It was super cute! The kids loved it. If you’re a gamer and/or if you played as a kid, there are a ton of references that you’d love! It was amazing the amount they must have paid to get rights to put in some of the old school characters. Just awesome.

Down falls to the movie: a lot of toilet humor. My daughter loved it because that’s whats funny to her. In her mind there is nothing funnier then to call someone a diaper head. Throw dirty in there and you’re a riot. So, in the sense she was very entertained, the humor was just right. However, as a mom trying to get her 4 year-old to stop talking about diapers, yeah. It was a bit much. The only other negative I’d say about the movie is the end there was a clown/spider thingy that was scary for me. I felt my daughter who was on my lap tense up, it obviously scared her a bit too. I don’t get why they have to ruin a perfectly good kids movie by throwing in scary stuff. UGH! Anyways, after he was down for the count, she was fine and it didn’t cause any nightmares. So I guess it must not have been too traumatic.

Beside the overall enjoyment from the gaming references, cute little girl, and family time, the biggest bonus of the movie was my husband’s creativity leading to the kids have diaper (I bit ironic….) box go-carts. They were really excited to get them until they realized they didn’t actual move. Yeah, that was disappointing for them. But then they conned their dad into pushing them around in them. Fun in a box! If time allows this weekend I’m going to see if they want to decorate them. I have some construction paper. Hopefully there will be enough to cover both cars. If we do it, I’ll post a f/u blog entry with updated pictures.

Go, Kids, GO!