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Monthly Archives: December 2013

This year is basically over and a new one starts very soon. It’s amazing how quickly time goes! I’m a believer in my grandmother’s saying, “time moves faster the older you get”. Yes, this is very true. I feel like I literally blink and a new year begins.

As I do every year around this time, I begin to think about what I’ve accomplished. I’ve not reached all of my goals but I’ve made some major steps toward them. I’m not one to feel bad or sorry for myself if I don’t reach all of my goals. I mean, after all, I have a whole new year to continue to make progress, to continue to grow, and to continue to develop. So, why stress about a goal here or there?

I do however, feel its good to look back and evaluate my progress as I look into my goals for next year. So, here’s a quick look at 2013’s New Year’s Resolutions:

2013 word Health: my goal to improve my health and the health of my family. I often thought about how decisions would affect my health or the family’s health and based decisions on this.

Personal Health goals: I didn’t hit the mark on this completely. My actual weight goal was not met, however, for most of the year, I was the lowest I’ve been since having the kiddos. And my goal was to continue to work toward’s losing, and I most certainly did that! I found there were times and seasons where I had lapses in my focus on diet and exercise. My jogging goals were also partially met. I did complete a 10K and multiple 5Ks. I had a time goal of 38 mins for my 5k but unfortunately the one race I think I would’ve met that goal, I forgot to time it.

Household Health: I did put together my cleaning schedule it was much later in the year than I would’ve liked and we’ve now fallen off that schedule. However, it’s easy to get back on board which we will do.

My 2013 Bible verse: Trust in the Lord always with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

I still love that verse. I often went back to it when I was struggling or just needed some reassurance.

How did you do with your resolutions? Are you making any for the new year? I’d love to hear about your successes or learning opportunities!

This is our first year at Kindergarten. It is the first of many years to come. Adjusting to Kindergarten life has been a challenge for all of us. All of our schedules have changed. We have a new morning evening routine. There are earlier and stricter bedtimes. We have weekly reading minutes and Bible verses to memorize. Our days are busier and sometimes I find myself landing in bed at night wondering what time I’ve spent, really spent with my kids.

Kindergarten has been good in many ways. My daughter has learned so much from school. She is now reading, well share-reading with me and I fully anticipate her to be a reader by the time summer comes. She’s become more outgoing and has made some new friends. She’s becoming a bit more independent. This life change has done us some good!

With our new hustle and bustle schedule, I’ve grown attached to the early outs. I pick her up during my lunch and she hangs-out until I’m off work. I have an activity ready for her and she’s allowed to watch a movie or television. She loves the television time as she’s in complete control of what she gets to watch. She loves to do art and craft projects so she also loves it that I have something ready, just for her.


The final activity to our early out is cooking dinner. Sometimes she wants to pretend we’re a restaurant for our guests. Other times we just cook together. She helps scrub potatoes, mix ingredients, add-in ingredients, etc. She also helps set the table and pour drinks. And when we are playing restaurant, she helps seat the guests (my husband and son) when they arrive and ensure they have everything they need as they wait for dinner.

I love this time that we get to spend together. I especially enjoy making dinner with her. Spending time teaching her basics of cooking and teaching her to enjoy doing these things. I’m setting the ground work for her future. I’m teaching her about nutrition, math, chemistry, meal planning, and so much more. I’m helping to prepare her for when she leaves my house. I’m setting her up to be successful.

More so then all those lessons, I”m getting to know her. This is our special time. We laugh and talk. I learn all about her school and friends. I’m investing in her. I’m certain she enjoys our time together as well. Often after we’ve had our early out, she wants to snuggle a bit more, listen a little closer, and asks to help out a bit more. These are signs that my kindergartner enjoys our time together.

What sorts of things do you do that’s just yours and your child’s? How do you know he/she is enjoying it?

It’s amazing how quickly time goes during the holidays! I can hardly believe December is half over. Further more I can’t believe how little I have done and prepared for Christmas. That paired up with some computer/technical issues and I feel a bit behind. All of this isn’t helped by the fact I had a wonderful distract to read.

Sisterchicks: On the Loose by Robin Jones Gunn

Sisterchicks: On the Loose tells the story of Sharon and Penny’s trip to Finland. Sharon and Penny despite their differences are long time friends. Penny, a free spirit, takes the reserved Sharon on the trip of a lifetime. This spontaneous trip has God’s fingerprint on it from the beginning as challenges lead to self-discovery and growth. Both will return home forever changed.

This was a great book! It was a fast read but don’t mistake it for complete fluff. This book has several underlining themes: family, love, friendship, salvation, and self-discovery to name a few. As the trip progresses you see Sharon grow and change. She’d always assumed she was the one teaching in their relationships but she learns to learn and grow from Penny. By the end of the book, Penny learns to let go of her fear. This book helps prove that one is never to old to grow and make changes in our lives. We can do self-exploration at any age.

I really enjoyed this well thought-out story. It was well-written and left me wanting to find out more. The characters were connectable. Some of the minor characters left just as much of an impression on me as the main ones. I really enjoyed getting to know each one.

I almost always try to list some negatives to the books as I review them. However, this time I cant’ think of any. It’s not that it’s a perfect book. It was just satisfying as a quick-fun read. It didn’t leave me wanting of anything.

Overall I loved this book. It is an author at her best. I would recommend this book to anyone look for a quick Christian novel.

I give this book a 5 out 5 bookends.

“I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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