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You ever have one of those moments when your kid says something that just hits home with you? I had that moment this weekend. We were in the car going from one activity to the next when the conversation started. I love talking with my kids in the car. None of us are going anywhere. We’re all stuck in a small space which encourages all sorts of conversations. I’ve seriously had some of the BEST conversations with my kids in the car.

But back to the specific conversation this weekend.

Darling Daughter: I’m so glad you and Daddy are friends and like each other.

Me: Of we course we’re friends!

Darling Daughter: Yeah. I’m also glad you’re friends with Little Ducky’s mommie and daddy. (Little duckie is a baby who goes to our church. She was dressed as a duck last Halloween and hence forth is called Little Duckie by my kids).

I’m so glad you and Daddy are friends and like each other.

Wow. That hit home. My little 8 year-old notices a lot. I’ve always known without a doubt she and her brother know they are loved by their parents and each other. I’d always said kids pick-up on things even when parents are trying to hide it. I’d say that, because I’d learned that in school. I’d say that because I knew kids often, without thinking, share how their parents fight or when money is tight. But for some reason when it came out of her mouth, it really hit home.

I’m so glad you and Daddy are friends and like each other.

Such simple words made a huge impact on me. Yes, my husband and I love each other. Our marriage isn’t perfect. He annoys me sometimes, I annoy him sometimes. I can HONESTLY say we don’t really fight. We bicker every once in a while. But that’s not common at all. We have this MUTUAL respect for each other. We try very hard to talk things out before they become a BIG issue. I pray everyday that we can continue to do this. That we can WORK together to continue to build a wonderful marriage.

We’re not PERFECT. At all. But we sure do work hard at this thing called marriage. We don’t put on a face for the kids. We are real. We work hard to do family things together. My husband and I laugh together, tease each other, and work through things. All in front of our kids. They see us having a good time and problem solving together.

I never realized those little things, impressed on her. But she noticed.

Mommie and Daddy are friends. They like each other. 

What are your kids noticing from you? What do they think of your relationship with your spouse?

So this year has been beyond crazy and stressful. It’s also been an amazing year of growth for me. This year will be know as the year I tested myself and pursued a dream. It will also be know as the year of death and sadness.

In the spring, Joe, my father passed away. It was such an odd emotional experience for me. I and my father had a strained relationship to say the least. We spoke minimally and only when it revolved around my mom’s care. I was saddened because of the loss of a relationship that will never be. I was sad because, part of me, really wanted resolution to some of our issues. I knew our relationship would never be close and he would never be in my children’s lives. But I wanted to feel like if we saw each other in public or at an event, we’d acknowledge each other. That was now never going to happen. I also found myself very angry. I was angry when people told me he was a wonderful man.

Approximately two months after his passing, I started a nurse practitioner program. The decision to pursue my NP has been one I’ve wrestled with for a while. I prayed about it, and ultimately decided it was a good time to go back. The summer classes were killer, Advance Pathophysiology and Healthcare Statistics. This second semester has been much better. I have my MSN so I had some ideas on how this would play out, but seriously, there’s a reason people do this when they’re younger!

Then basically 5 months to the date, my mom died. I was surprised. I and my mom were close. We talked weekly and I managed all of her medical needs. I arranged everything for her. She was living in a nursing home and had been on hospice 5 years ago. Her health had been good for the most part. But cognitively she wasn’t there. Even though it had been a few years since she recognized me as her daughter, she always knew I and my children were important to her. Despite feeling like my mom had left years ago, I was still very emotional about my loss. Even now, months after she’s been gone, I find myself wishing she was here. I’m not sure that will ever go away.

Since the death of my mom, I’ve also had the death of an aunt on my father’s side and a dear friend from nursing school. So, as you can see this year has been a challenging one. I, however, view life as a chance to grow and learn. I know I could easily look at this and dwell on all the stress and problems. However, I refuse to do this. I will stay positive and focus on the amazing things going on in my life.

It’s funny how life changes. In college back when I was twenty-something, we had to make goals. 1, 5, & 10 year goals. To be honest, I have no idea exactly what I put on my goals. I am certain where I am now is not where I thought I’d be in my my twenties. Not that where I am or where I thought I’d be is bad. It’s just, different.

In my twenties, I thought by now professionally I’d be someone important. I envisioned me running a hospital, I seriously wanted to be the nurse making the BIG decisions. I was undecided about children but given my career thoughts, raising children wasn’t really on my radar. Being married was though. I also imagined a well-traveled woman would be looking back at me in the mirror. I was also 100% certain I’d have a large house that included a pool. I was after all someone important professionally.

Go back a few years into my teens, I envisioned a much different woman. I lived in some remote place that had mountains in the background.I owned about 5 dogs. I was financially sound and didn’t have to work- how in the world that happened, I have no idea. I had no children and no kids. My skin was weathered from spending most of my time on the land and hanging out with my dogs. I pretty much was pioneer woman meets hippie.

Fast forward to today. I’m still in nursing but didn’t climb any ladders. I’ve done just about everything a nurse can do. I’m now working from home and going to school part-time. I have two wonderful children and a pretty great husband. We own a house but it’s modest and (sadly) without a swimming pool. I have traveled in the US and have made one trip abroad.

As you can see, my life is very different from anything I could imagine. Its good and better than I could imagine. I couldn’t imagine being a cooperate person or not having kids. Although, I’d gladly move into the country and have a couple of acres and the pool, I don’t really want to be either of those women I’d imagined in my youth.

There are still hopes and dreams from my youth that I’d love to fulfill. And a few things I’ve added as I’ve gone. So, I’ve decided to publish my bucket list. I may never get to everything on this list and some I’ve checked off. But, if I’m able, these are the things I want to accomplish. I think all imaginary and real forms of myself would be happy with this list.

My Bucket List

1) Live in another state

2) Visit a country that doesn’t speak English

3) Visit a country that does speak English

4) Own land

5) Obtain an advanced degree- working on my 2nd advanced degree

6) Save a life

7) Ride Ragbrai

8) Complete a marathon

9) Witness the beginning and the end of life

10) Become fluent in a second language

General Life Goals (Because these don’t fit on a bucket list):

1) Be a good mom

2) Be a good wife

3) Be a good friend

4) Be compassionate

5) Know when to walk away

6) Know when to stand up

7) Remember there’s more to this life than life

8) Always have integrity

9) Ensure other’s have enough

10) Be generous